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TV Review: Best Friends Forever Premiere
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Genre Comedy

Cast: Luka Jones, Lennon Parham, Stephen Schneider, Jessica St. Clair, Daija Owens

Synopsis: Jessica Black(Jessica St. Clair) is getting divorced and goes home to stay with her best friend Lennon Walker(Lennon Parham). Also living with Lennon is her boyfriend Joe(Luka Jones). Joe is immediately out numbered and everything starts to change. Jessica finds out that Joe has a surprise for Lennon and thinks he is going to propose. This gets her to finally talk to an old friend, Rav(Stephen Schneider), who she hadn’t talked to in 3 years. Jessica also rekindles the rivalry with 9-year-old Queenetta(Daija Owens). Lennon lands up having a fight with Joe over Jessica and how she is changing everything. Jessica overhears and finds out that Lennon is afraid that Jessica will go back to her husband. Jessica and Rav fix there friendship as Jessica realizes Lennon and Joe are perfect for each other. Jessica decides to help Lennon fix things with Joe. They get a dinner put together and Joe brings out his surprise. It lands up being 2 tickets to Scotland and the Braveheart tour. It ends in a group hug as Jessica and Joe agree to split Lennon.

Review: Jessica and Lennon are great best friends. The kind that is rare. Jessica’s life is falling apart which I would believe would happen in real life. Joe is a typical guy and relatable. Any guy can see doing the things he does if put in the same situation. Lennon is kind of a nerd herself. She is all about making other people happy and get the feeling that she might not always do what makes her happy. Rav is a bar owner and they type of character that is always going to be with the wrong girl and take forever realizing that he should be with Jessica. Queenetta is a sassy girl that you love to see cause havoc in Jessica’s life.

This show is relying on an interesting situation. A women gets divorced, which is common, and goes to live with her best friend. This falls into the extreme side of things. I feel like most would stay in their own home or go stay with family if needed. In this show, Jessica moving in with her best friend is funny but hard to believe would last a long time. Now if things change, like Jessica getting her own place, it would be more believable. However, their would be less comedic situations. I know that comedy relies on things that are rare, extreme, and very unlikely; but you do need a starting place that could happen to most people. A women getting divorced, yes could happen. Then moving in with best friend and her boyfriend, I don’t believe that would happen to most people.

The comedy was alright. The delivery of the jokes in the situation was pretty good. However, the jokes themselves were not that funny. I found the show made me smile but not laugh. The funniest lines were delivered by Queenetta. I don’t blame the actors as much as I blame the writing. Sometimes you can only do as much as you are given. The situational and physical comedy was cute. For instance, Jessica walking in on Joe naked was funny but predictable.

The job the actors did was pretty good. To start, Daija Owens was adorable. I think she will be funny throughout the show. Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham held up their end. They fit their characters so well, that I could see them actually behaving that way in real life. Luka Jones embraced the character. His facial expressions alone said what the character was thinking and feeling. However, their comedy skills wasn’t really tested by this show. As for now, I say they are a perfect fit.

Honestly, I just didn’t find it that funny and not worth my time. The actors performance is well done but not enough to save the show from its lack of comedy. If you want to give it a chance, I say go for it. It does have potential, but if after 3 or 4 episodes you are still not laughing, let it go. Move on to some other show that will make you laugh and forget about life.

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Reviewed by tvmaniac on April 5, 2012

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