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Game Review: Telltale’s Batman – Episode 5

Telltale’s Batman series started off strong with their first foray into the Batman universe by taking what we know and flipping it on its head. With the final episode, everything comes to a close, however it’s not quite the bang you would expect after everything that has been built up since the beginning.

Okay so the episode starts off with quite the bang actually with Harvey Dent having lost his mind. Whatever cliffhanger you were left with from the end of the last episode is resolved rather quickly, basically in the first two chapters. The rest of the game focuses on Batman trying to find Lady Arkham and stopping her plan. This would have been great if the game hadn’t spent so much time with an abrupt subplot of Batman having to find a close friend that was kidnapped. It’s sudden and feels more like a cheap ploy to tug at the heart strings. A lot of arcs played out through the episodes are resolved very quickly in the first few chapters as if the writers were in a hurry to get to the finale. It feels as if the story is trying to make it feel as though there will be another season rather than just tell a fitting conclusion for the narrative constructed from the beginning. The climax is well done and fitting, and the final confrontation is fitting of a Batman finale. However the end feels to clean when everything is miraculously tied up in a neat little bow.

This has been the series best episode on the technical side. The animations are better with the animation for the final fight with Lady Arkham better than the animation for all the episodes combined. There are a few sound issues here and there and an unnerving moment where a character model doesn’t appear except for the eyes and teeth. Overall though, much needed improvement though it’s a shame all the episodes were not this well made.

The finale falls short, but overall it works with the narrative that was developed. Telltale didn’t knock it out of the park with this series, but for their first foray into the Batman franchise they did a solid job and I would recommend this series for any Batman fan.

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Reviewed by Peter Rivera on December 14, 2016

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