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Game Review: Telltale’s Batman – Episode 4 Review


From the start, Telltale has taken almost everything we know about Batman and flipped it on its head. If the ending to the last episode was any indication, Telltale was far from finished blowing fans’ minds. Episode 4 continues the trend of twisting the lore and starts off interesting, but halfway through it loses its flare and opts for plot points that don’t feel as impactful as previous episodes.


Episode 4 titled Guardian of Gotham starts off with Bruce being an inmate at the infamous Arkham Asylum due to the crazy ending of the previous episode. Bruce is now short on allies with everyone turning against him until the Joker makes his first appearance, being a friend and adversary at the same time while being as creepy as possible. It’s a nice introduction to the character, giving him more ties to Bruce Wayne than in previous iterations of the character. It’s an interesting dynamic to watch unfold as Bruce is wary of everyone yet finds himself desperately needing an ally and going so far as to accept the help of someone clearly not in their right mind. Or is he? Unfortunately that is the most interesting part of the episode. After Bruce makes it out of the madhouse, the story quickly resorts to typical Batman antics, barely propelling the story forward for the climactic conclusion of the next and final episode.


This episode is by far the best one on the technical side. No jarring animations, the frame rate was consistent throughout, though there were a few stutters here and there. Lip synching was on point and even the animations seemed smoother than previous episodes. Hopefully this continues into the next episode.

Overall this episode was good, but it could have been great given the great opening chapter, however by the end, nothing truly propelled the narrative in a big way to setup for the final episode due sometime next month.

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Reviewed by Peter Rivera on December 2, 2016

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