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Game Review: Telltale’s Batman – Episode 2 Review

Telltale’s Batman Episode 2 continues to weave an interesting narrative worthy of the Batman franchise. The choices made as Batman and Bruce Wayne have a profound impact that is not seen often in a Batman story and as with most Telltale games you feel the impact of each decision you make which leads to the player crafting their own Batman experience. However Telltale still can’t stick the landing on the technical side which can pull you out of the experience quite a bit.

Episode 2: Children of Arkham continues to build upon the mysteries established in the first episode with much more focus given to Bruce Wayne than to Batman. In fact there is only one Batman heavy sequence. The rest of the time you are making choices as Bruce Wayne that lays the groundwork for possibly devastating events to both Bruce and the rest of Gotham. You spend a good deal trying to balance Bruce’s personal life with news that his family may not be the squeaky clean Waynes that they have been portrayed as in previous iterations. What makes this great is now we have a Bruce Wayne questioning everything he has ever known and wondering if his mission is built on a lie. Along with trying to be a friend to mayoral candidate Harvey Dent and Selena Kyle, Bruce Wayne becomes a more complex character than we’ve seen. Some revelations surface that lay the foundation for huge stakes to come in later episodes.

Telltale has been making these games for quite some time, yet for some reason they can’t seem to get their games to run smoothly. Early parts have most of the screen appearing black with parts of the characters still in view. Moments with heavy action start to chug, breaking the flow and taking the player out of the Batman experience. Characters are still animated like robots sometimes and not fluid, making for awkward interactions. With such a long wait time between episodes, Telltale should really take the time to fine tune future episodes for a smoother experience.

Overall, despite the technical fumbles, the story is ultimately what drives the game and Telltale has once again given us a great narrative with characters we love and players should look forward to a great Batman story.

This review is based on the PS4 version of the game.

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Reviewed by Peter Rivera on October 28, 2016

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