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Review: Battleship

I had the biggest grin on my face throughout the entirety of this movie. An absolute delight.

In fact, I enjoyed it as much as I did “The Avengers”. There. I said it. I’ll probably catch some flack for that claim but those I’ll catch flack from will most likely be fuddy duddies who don’t know what constitutes a good time at the movies. It’s big. It’s loud. It’s dumb. It’s an absolute hoot. It’s everything one could hope for from a summer blockbuster.

And there’s absolutely no excuse for this movie not having been presented in 3D. With all the particle beams, parts of boats and alien teeth this movie chucks at the screen and the general depth associated with the sea battles… what was Universal thinking? The one instance of a studio not being greedy with a hasty post-conversion and it’s the one time where it could have made the proceedings just that much more fun.

In conclusion: Liam Neeson growling at senators. Rihanna taking out invaders by targeting their craft on an all-too-familiar A-1, B-2 grid. Senior citizens being badass. Now you have no reason not to see this movie.

Grab a giant bucket of popcorn and have a ball. I sure did.

And now I hope those rumors of Rihanna being cast in “Fast Six” prove true because she was unexpectedly fantastic.

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Reviewed by Vincent Pesce on May 18, 2012

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