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Movie Review: Men In Black 3
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When a sequel comes out so long after it’s predecessors it can tend to have a lot going against it. The biggest thing is that they tend to rely on the same formula from before. Sometimes it works and sometimes it goes completely wrong. Thankfully after ten years, Men in Black 3 didn’t fall into that trap. It still manages to keep the same humor that we love from the series while also injecting some more character development between it’s characters that keeps it fresh and worth the trip to the theater.

It’s been ten years since last we saw MIB Agents J (Will Smith) and K (Tommy Lee Jones). They’re still partners of course, but like every long relationship, communication starts to become an issue. Agent K is clearly hiding some secrets from Agent J and it’s putting a strain on their partnership. It doesn’t help that an alien by the name of Boris the Animal escapes from a super max prison on the moon to get his revenge on Agent K for putting him away and shooting his arm off. Boris decides to go back in time and kill K thus altering history and with Agent J the only one remembering being partners with K has to go back in time to stop Boris and save his long time partner and friend. He’ll need to help of a younger, albeit still stoic version of Agent K (Josh Brolin) in order to stop Boris and set things right.

Walking into this I went in with moderate expectations. Anytime it takes this long for a sequel to be released I always have my concerns. But sure enough everything in the movie came together for a really fun experience. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones didn’t miss a beat after all these years.The two did such a great job during their scenes together that you would have thought that they’d been hanging around each other for the past ten years. They were like any other couple that’s been together for too long and while it served for some great laughs it also did a great job of expanding upon their partnership. I only wish Jones’ time in the movie wasn’t so short.

Even though Jones wasn’t in the movie for long Josh Brolin does a perfect job filling in as the younger Agent K. And people when I say perfect I mean perfect. Brolin does such a fantastic job of emulating Jones all the while showing us a different side of K that surprises even Agent J. K at one point actually smiled and had a good time. It’s fantastic seeing Smith and Brolin play off each other.

Jemaine Clement, of Flight of the Concords fame, dose a great job as the villain Boris the Animal. He does a great job of being fierce and menacing all at once and his character’s design is great as well especially the little critter that comes out of his hand which he uses as his primary method for killing. My only complaint is that he could have had more of a presence in the film to really push how much of a threat he is.

Michael Stuhlbarg does a great job as Griffin, a fifth dimensional being who can see all possibilities of events at the same time. He works  well as both a guide for our agents as well as providing some comedic relief. Though he also has some deep moments in the movie. Overall the characters were great and I loved that the focus was more on them and their relationships to one another.It wasn’t bogged down by endless jokes like the last movie.

The effects were great though I didn’t see this in 3D so I can’t comment on how the conversion went. There were some interesting creature designs though I felt like they could have taken it further. Granted you don’t see that many aliens in comparison to the previous films, but it would have been nice to really see Rick Baker’s imagination run loose and give us some awesome aliens to look at. The 60s’ version of the MIB offices was well done and it was great seeing the beginnings of the agency and how they were just beginning to utilize alien technology, especially the infamous Neuralyzer.

What could have easily been a comedy heavy movie going only for laughs turned into a surprisingly heart felt sci-fi movie with great moments of comedy and action that made this experience really fun and worth checking out in theaters.

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Reviewed by Peter Rivera on May 29, 2012

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