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Game Review: The Adventures of Shuggy

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, simple gameplay is often times the most fun. Keeping a game simple can go a long way. First of all, you don’t have to remember a ton of buttons. Now don’t get me wrong I love current gen games, but sometimes I can feel a bit overwhelmed, especially during  times like this when multiple games are released in such a short window. So it’s refreshing to play a game that is simple to play and a lot of fun. But make no mistake, Adventures of Shuggy make look like a cute and fun game, it is a very challenging and punishing game at that.

Shuggy is a little vampire who has just inherited a haunted mansion from his grandfather. Of course it’s filled with monsters and it’s up to Shuggy to evict them. The goal is to find all the keys in the house in the five different areas: The Graveyard, The Boiler Room, The Gallery, The Dungeon, and The Clocktower. Each areas has 20 levels with the goal being to collect all the gems. Each level has a different gameplay mechanic applied to it, such as rotating the level to move around, guiding little blobs to the other end of the level, or one of my favorites is when you have a timer in the upper corner and when it runs out a ghost of Shuggy is created and follows the same path you took up to when the timer ran out which allows you to press multiple switches, etc. But if you touch the ghost, then the level resets.As you progress further, some of the levels will be combinations of these mechanics which does a good job of keeping you on your toes. Some levels have enemies in them and other just have dangerous obstacles to avoid.

Expect to die…a lot. The levels start off simple enough to let you get used to the mechanics, but sure enough the game becomes very difficult. Part of this is due to the level design and the other part is do to the controls. You can only move left and right and jump, but Shuggy moves so fast that it can be very hard to be precise with your jumps and more often than not you’ll end up running right off a platform and falling to your doom. As for the boss fight that exist in the game, well let’s just say there’s a good chance you may end up breaking your PC (or throwing the controller at the TV if you have it on XBLA).

The cartoon design of the game works great and the music fits the game lie the glove even though there are a few sound effects that sound a tad bit ripped off from old school games. There’s co-op mode which is a nice change of pace for this game and of course you have leaderboards so you can test your skills against the rest of the world.

The Adventures of Shuggy is a really fun game, when you’re not constantly dying. You will die a lot, but if you stick with it you’ll feel like a champ when you make it through the really tough parts. If you haven’t already, give this game a download on your PC or Xbox.

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Reviewed by Peter Rivera on November 13, 2012

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