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Game Review: Junk Jack
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Game Review: Junk Jack

In this review I will be discussing Junk Jack, I will tell you how the game looks and feels in the palm of your hand, I will also try my hardest to differentiate the game from the endless sea of Minecraft-esque titles. Everything Junk Jack has to offer will be laid bare in this review and will hopefully make up your mind on whether to purchase this little slice of the highly sought after mining niche.

Junk Jack looks to be set as a fairly ambitious title, the game offers a beautiful 2D side-scrolling atmosphere, The music is extremely well incorporated and with the visuals it makes to be a perfect retro themed title.

While Junk Jack is busy making you feel like Mario relentlessly digging and smashing his way through your environment, It often starts to feel a tad repetitive as there is only so much exploration that can be gained via a 2D view, when compared to similar titles it seems to miss the vital ingredients which make the genre so popular. While the game may look like a carbon copy you can see that junk jack does try to establish itself as an independent entity that strays away from the more conventional approach.

Speaking as a gamer I can see why people will enjoy Junk Jack and I can also see why you will continue to play the game, it is important to see the title from both sides, personally speaking I did feel a bit underwhelmed with the experience but for a hardcore Minecraft fan or a connoisseur of indie and retro games it appears to be a godsend. Junk Jack is a game that definitely kills time and it provides people with an open ended game on the go, most people will enjoy the game as it serves a purpose in the market. one great aspect of the game is that it does portray aesthetically pleasing visuals, the soundtrack is reminiscent of your first encounter with super mario and the nostalgia factor favours heavily with the game.

Now for the problems that i found with Junk Jack, There are a few but the definitive problems i found with the game were as follows;

No Multiplayer

The lack of multiplayer was a major downfall in my opinion, one of the main features of Minecraft and other mining games was the ability to play with your friends, If Minecraft was a single player title it wouldn’t be as enjoyable and besides what is the point in forging a huge world if you cant share it? Junk Jack is an individual title in its own right, but the lack of multiplayer made me feel a little lonely.

The Sandbox element

While the game can be defined as a sandbox title, the fact that it is a side-scrolling title means that the whole sandbox element was a little flawed. To me the feature that Minecraft utilised was the 3D environment that could be explored effortlessly, with Junk Jack you can see about 5 pixels ahead of you which makes exploring quite a tedious experience. To be less vague I enjoy making tree houses in Minecraft and just the ability to foresee what is in front of you plays a pivotal role in the exploration aspect, sadly this ability is redundant in Junk Jack. After 3 hours of “exploring” the player will start to feel as they are in an episode of Scooby Doo as the landscape essentially remains stagnant.

Tutorial and gameplay

In Junk Jack there is little help or support offered to the player, you are given a brief tutorial and then left to fend for yourself which is understandable given the nature of the title, the clunky control and inventory scheme make actually crafting items an aggravating task, it all just feels condensed and difficult to grasp. Unless you are familiar with similar games the whole experience of creation and exploration can suddenly become a tedious experience.

To summarise I would say that junk jack is a good on the go experience for retro enthusiasts. There is a humble appeal that people will enjoy, sadly I found the game very hard to immerse myself in, but for a long train journey it is crackable, Junk Jack is not for everyone but there is definitely an audience for the game and for the price you cant complain.

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Reviewed by NSI Topcat on September 11, 2012

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