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Game Review: Gunman Clive

I miss old school platformers. Not because I grew up with them though I’d be lying if nostalgia didn’t play a factor, but I love old school platformers because they were simple, fun and of course challenging as hell. Back in the day you really had to hone your gaming skills to damn near perfection to make it through quite a few games back in the day. And when that moment finally came, when you beat the last and final level, you felt like a champion. It’s the closest we gamers come to feeling like we just won a major sporting event. Now I’m not trying to say Gunman Clive is on the level of difficulty. But after playing it, it was difficult enough that it brought me back to those days and by the end of the game I felt like I had accomplished a feat.


Gunman Clive is a recent 2D platformer/shooter in the same style as Mega Man if it took place in the Wild West. The game starts of simple enough, a woman who appears to be Clive’s main squeeze, is kidnapped so Clive goes off on a little adventure and has to shoot his way through plenty of bad guys to rescue her. It plays simple enough; you use the on screen control pad to move Clive and you have you shoot and jump button. Throughout the game you can collect an upgrade for your weapon and there are various ones such as a scatter shot, a laser, a homing gun, and what seemed to be a missile launcher though I couldn’t really tell. However once you are hit you lose the upgrade. My biggest complaint is the inability to shoot diagonally especially since most enemies in the game can shoot diagonally. Also the jump and shoot buttons could have been spread further apart. There were too many times where I found myself pressing jump when I meant to shoot and vice verse. Thought I will say that the touch screen buttons do respond well. Another complaint that will bother everyone is the utter lack of checkpoints. If you die at any point in the level you have to start all the way back at the beginning which gets extremely frustrating when you reach the later levels.


Level design is fairly straightforward for the most part. As I said it’s like old school platformers so expect the later levels in the game to test your skills with moving platforms and gravity. And expect to die quite a few times as well through the games 5 stages. Each stage has 5 levels with a Mega Man style boss fight at the end of each stage. The art style is fantastic. The hand drawn look is great and the animations are all smooth. The music is a great with its use of 8-bit Wild West music the fits the game like a glove and just fills you up with nostalgia. If you’re looking for a fun game for your mobile devices then Gunman Clive is definitely worth the download.



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Reviewed by Peter Rivera on June 11, 2012

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