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Game Review: Bang Bang Racing

Okay let me start off by saying that I suck at racing games. I am just terrible at them. With the exception of the Mario Kart games I could play most racing games well if my life depended on it. That ladies and gentlemen is how bad I am at racing games. Now that doesn’t discourage me from playing them. I just don’t play them often. It could also be the fact that I’m just not a car person so I don’t get excited by them either. But when I do play them for the most part I have a good time. And when it came to Bang Bang Racing I did indeed enjoy playing it.

Bang Bang Racing is a very straightforward racing game. There are four car classes: N-Dura, Evo GT, Protech, and Apex. Each car class has 5 different types each with unique abilties (handling, acceleration, better nitro, etc). And the only controls you have are accelerate, brake and nitro which gives you a boost for as long as you have some nitro left in your meter. Each car class has their own cups for you to compete in with each one having about 7 different races for you to compete in. The championships races consist of 5 back to back races on short tacks. There are 9 tracks total, but each track has variants to it including ones that contain shortcuts for you to get ahead of the other cars. But don’t think the other cars won’t try to use them too. The game has you playing from a top down perspective so you get a handle on where things are on the track and where the other cars are.

Here he comes, here comes Speed Racer…

There are four types of races: regular race, reverse race where you drive the opposite direction of the track, time trial, and elimination. While the first three are just fine Elimination is what makes the game stand out a little. Basically you and the other cars go through a lap. Once the first car finishes the first lap a timer starts up and every ten seconds whichever car is in last place is eliminated until there is only one (cue Highlander flashbacks). This was by far my favorite race type because it was very nerve racking trying to be ahead of the other cars an not be eliminated. I had my fair share of close calls and you get really into it.

For the most part the cars handle well though at times they can go a little to fast and that can be really annoying when you have to race on short tracks because of the back to back turns. Nitro is something that should be used tactically as when you use it up it can take a while to fill back up though when you drive through the pit station it will replenish it as well as your car’s health. Yes your car has a health meter. Take too much damage and your car will move slower. The same goes for the other cars so feel free to have at them. There are hazards throughout the tracks such as oil barrels and exploding barrels that explode shortly after they are hit that adds some more tactics to the races as you can slow the other cars down.

The AI for the other cars varies. At times they can be very aggressive while at other time can be very dumb and just banking turns into walls. They do make for quite the challenge at times though.  All the more reason to master turning corners. One thing I found to be irritating was their constant use of the nitro. It almost seemed as though they didn’t have a limit and could use it whenever.

I feel the need, the need for speed!

The biggest downside to this game, and you won’t hear me say this often, is the utter lack of online multiplayer. Any racing game should have online multiplayer at this point even if it’s just a downloadable game. Especially racing games. This game could have been a blast playing online against other people especially with the Elimination races. Sadly though the only online component is leader boards and playing for just a ranking doesn’t quite cut it anymore. You can play all you want with your friends in local multiplayer, but there are better games to play for that.

If you’re looking for something simple and fun to play then Bang Bang Racing might be worth a look but quite frankly even though it was fun to play it’s only good for short burst of gameplay and other than unlocking tracks and cars there’s not many other reasons to go back to it. The complete lack on online multiplayer really doesn’t help and you’re better off with other racing games out there.


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Reviewed by Peter Rivera on June 24, 2012

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