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Game Preview: Guncraft
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Game Preview: Guncraft

In almost every way from a shallow perspective, Guncraft directly resembles Minecraft
along with Blockworld. However, the subtle differences are through conceptual ways of playing.

Minecraft, when originally released, focused on crafting items and surviving, however as time went on, the game became more so about creativity as gamers created and witnessed worlds and servers that contained amazing portraits of Link and even Mario through blocks, and then there was quite a fad on Youtube where everyone decided to post Youtube let’s play of Minecraft in order to become popular.

Blockworld, in many ways, is exactly the same as Minecraft, however, it receives little to no popularity due to the fact that Minecraft had already expanded its fame to every horizon. Guncraft, in addition, differentiates itself very little to either of these two titles, as it incorporates the same concepts of blocks, but it adds guns to gameplay. In all honesty, it lacks originality.

Guncraft starts out by plunging players into multiplayer along with the creation mode, offering little to no explanation on how to truly experience Guncraft.  Even though this isn’t really a major issue, it’s very irritating. For example, I didn’t know that a wooden block would be weaker than a sand block as it takes less hits to destroy a wooden one than it does a sand one. In addition, the game’s main focus being vehicles is never explained. For example, a small bike that shoots bullets is able to kill a tank with little to no problem, while a player shooting the tank could take over one whole minute to destroy it. There’s also a vehicle that doesn’t shoot, and the only thing that you can do is drive around in it, even though it has a reticule.

Furthermore, the graphics aren’t particularly good either. The character models look dull, especially the ShotgunGirl class that just downright looks like a really ugly zombie girl. There are other character models, but it’s very clear that there could have been a lot more effort placed into them, especially considering the fact that their coloring is very dull- they look downright grotesque.

Furthermore, at first I found something very odd about the game and couldn’t decide what it was, but after replaying Minecraft and even Blockworld and tons of other games, I realized that Guncraft barely has textures. The game itself has very little detail: for example, sand blocks look like very plain yellow blocks, rather than having grain like textures. Definitely the worst part of the game’s graphics, however, are the graphical options. For a title that is on the PC, Guncraft comes with no options, aside from a field of vision slider that honestly doesn’t seem to make a huge difference- it’s downright disappointing.

Finally, the worst thing about this title are the glitches and bugs. During a few of the maps, after trying to enter one of the tanks, the game apparently believed that I was literally trying to sit inside the tank rather than trying to operate the tank. Other times, I died while trying to operate a vehicle, and other times, I fell off of a structure for no apparent reason. However, as if this isn’t enough, the game sometimes just shoots off its music and its shooting sound effects for no apparent reason forcing, me to reboot Guncraft.

Don’t get me wrong, there things that are surprisingly well done. For starters, I did very much enjoy the idea of classes, which of course is quite similar to classes from other modern day shooters such as Battlefield and Call of Duty. That being said, the idea of perks and the attempt at making teamwork that actually works, while clearly attempted, are not very well played out. Each of the classes seems to have a role and none of them are useless, and in addition, each of them seem to be equipped for fast paced action.

Something that a lot of effort definitely went into were the maps themselves. They are thoroughly built, having elevators and other structures to recreate and make some amazing set pieces for gamers to enjoy. I especially enjoyed a map with a pair of pirate ships in which players can utilize the cannons to stop invading forces. It’s the little touches like these that make you feel immersed.

Overall, I was very excited for Guncraft as I believed that it would be as enjoyable as Minecraft or any other title. However, I was sadly disappointed as the game isn’t as enjoyable. It’s buggy, and the game itself does not look enticing and it definitely does not play well either and overall, it’s very low quality for a game that sells for 15 dollars. However, this is just a preview, I put around four hours into this game in order to state these issues. That does not mean the game can’t be become better in the next five hours, however, yet again, I cannot recommend this title even though this is just a preview as it’s not a game worth your time. Blockworld along with Minecraft have accomplished all of these things very well, especially considering the fact they’ve been out for a longer period of time. Be sure to check out our full written review in a couple of days in order to make your final decision.

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Game Preview: Guncraft, 3.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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Reviewed by Zeeshan Sajid on September 2, 2013

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