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Sam McDonough

I have always enjoyed watching movies a lot more than most other people I know. I also like to consider myself a decent writer. After multiple naps and endless nights of research at my local library, I had a moment of clarity. I then created a blog where I discuss and review movies. Genius!

When I was asked to join the BNR team, I had only first stumbled upon it for the first time two days prior. Understanding that there are several hundreds, if not thousands of other sites attempting to reach the same goal, I hope to help BNR grow and flourish as a respectable name within the blogging industry, by artists and audiences alike.

BNR Interview

Tell us about your movie, music, game, and/or comic history. When I was 11-12 years old, my buddy and I picked up his parents’ new video camera and made a bunch of movies together. Even though they were admittedly terrible in almost every possible way, we had the times of our lives making them. The video camera eventually broke, and our movie making was suddenly put to a halt, and it became a forgotten thing. When I was in high school I signed up for a video production class and realized that I still enjoyed movie making then just as I did as a kid. So my obsession with movies only grew from there, and I chose to take it much more seriously this time.

Who were your movie, music, game, and/or comic influences? The first movie experience, to my memory, that defined the unlimited potential and greatness of the art of film was when I saw “The Fellowship of the Ring” in theaters, when I was 12 years old. Absolutely blew my mind.

What is your favorite video game? Right now, it would have to be Skyrim. I have turned into a Gollum-like creature because of this game. But it was totally worth it.

What is your favorite video game console? Xbox 360

Who are your favorite groups or artists? Nirvana, The Beatles, Fleet Foxes, Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan, Alexisonfire

What famous celebrities have you met? Sadly, none that I can remember.

What was the best concert you ever saw? Fleet Foxes at the Brooklyn Waterfront this past September. Incredible show.

Do you play a musical instrument? I fiddle with the guitar, which unfortunately spends most of it’s time collecting dust. Perhaps one day that will change.

What are your hobbies? Writing, reading, watching movies, eating, sleeping. Those are all unique skills, right?

Have you ever been in a movie? Several. None that exceed the budget of $12, however.

What are your favorite movies? Too many to name, but the ones that are usually up there are “The Shining”, “There Will Be Blood”, “The Lord of the Rings” series, “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”, and “Apocalypse Now”.

What are your favorite television shows? “Breaking Bad”, “Seinfeld”, “Community”, “Arrested Develpment”

What are your favorite sports teams? New York Yankees

What are your favorite web sites? Besides the usual social stuff like Twitter and Facebook, I’m usually checking out other film blogs like /Film and the AV Club. Letterboxd.com is my latest addiction, but unfortunately it is only in private beta right now.

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