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Michelle Stabile

My name is Michelle I am a co-founder of Blackman’N Robin and helped in creating our first visualizations/original art work. I feel like I am a go getter type person always looking to push myself to new levels even with the limitations that I lay on myself. I feel I can give a lot to the team in the sense of being organized and as a medium between our company and others. I hope to bring new music “clients” to the table for Blackman’N Robin and hopefully in the future expand to movie and possibly comic companies.

BNR Interview:

Tell us about your movie, music, game, and/or comic history. I enjoy all types of movies really I love horror movies probably the most followed by comedies and dramas. As much as I like watching movies making them part of an almost every day I usually can’t pick out lines when other recite them even it is a movie I have seen millions of times! As far as music goes I like to listen hardcore/ screamo since planning a wedding I am trying to listen to more r and b dance type music. One thing I would never be caught listening to is country : /. I also play lots of games mainly first person shooters but I like games that are more like puzzles then just running around blind.

What is your favorite video game? Favorite video game is probably Bioshock 2.

What is your favorite video game console? Always been a fan of the playstation consoles. Second would probably be the Wii even though games are a little more limited.

Who are your favorite groups or artists? Chiodos, In This Moment, Coheed and Cambria, old Saves the Day, and so on

What famous celebrities have you met? Richard Gere and his wife, Michael Ian Black, Ryan Gosling, Kirsten Dunst.

What was the best concert you ever saw? There have been so many when I go to concerts I like to go into the mosh pits or dance my butt off. Coheed and Cambria with Avenge Sevenfold was amazing along with any Chiodos concert.

Do you play a musical instrument? No. I know a few minor songs on the organ.

What are your hobbies? Right now snowboarding, working out, running, drawing, cooking.

Have you ever been in a movie?  No. When I was in high school a few friends and I wrote a movie and were going to film it but with everyone going off to college we were never able. 


What are your favorite movies? The Wedding singer, superbad, session 9, Now and Then, Stand by Me, Poltergeist, Sleepy Hollow, all Harry Potter movies, Monsters Inc., the list could go on and on.

What are your favorite television shows? How I met Your Mother, Law and Order, Criminal Minds

What are your favorite sports teams? NY Rangers! Yay hockey!

What are your favorite web sites? Etsy, unfortunately facebook, the knot, youtube

My Reviews:

The Woman in Black (2012)

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