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Big World Network: What is it?

Big World Network: What is it?

I would contend that no form of entertainment is currently experiencing as many growing pains as reading. Books, newspapers and magazines are being fazed out or replaced altogether.  People are leaning towards cheaper, faster, more convenient methods of reading than the traditional bound books. And so we see the advent of the audio book and e-reader.

But even these are struggling to gain popularity. Apart from excluding people who don’t own, or refuse to own the necessary devices, there are also still self-proclaimed “purists.” These are people who are unwilling to do without “the feel of a book.”

And these modes still require an investment of time. Which most people aren’t willing to devote to reading anymore.

Then a man named Jim McGovern had an idea.

The serialized novel isn’t new, it’s just forgotten. Dickens  did it, Tolstoy did it. Uncle Tom’s Cabin was originally released as a serial in a periodical. So was Sherlock Holmes. The stories were released as short “episodes” in newspapers, magazines and other periodicals. However, this publication method slowly started to decline as broadcast entertainment, television and radio, gained steam. Until the internet.

A slow resurgence of serialization has started online, with episodic novels being released through various websites with limited success. Until the launch of Jim McGovern’s brainchild, Big World Network.

Big World Network offers free quality serialized novels, written and edited by professionals, in genres ranging from sci-fi to romance. What really makes Big World Network special is the accessibility. Books can be read as an e-book, in text directly on the website, streamed in audio from the website, or downloaded from iTunes.  You can even subscribe to a series and receive weekly episodes to your inbox.  This way you can read your series in whatever way is more convenient for you. And part of the beauty of the serial format is that you can read through a story in brief little nuggets, designed to be enjoyed quickly. The site draws heavily from the Television-method of serializing and releases books in seasons, consisting of 12 episodes, with new series joining the ranks periodically.

So, check out Big World Network and subscribe to your favorite series. Save a tree, read an e-book!

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  1. jourdy288 says
    February 12, 2012, 3:17 PM

    Welcome to B&R! This sounds interesting…

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