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Game Review: Maffia II

Grade: A+

I tend to agree with some of my cohorts on not giving anything an A+, or a 10, especially for my first post. But holy cow Batman, what an awesome freakin game. If you read my bio, which I am sure you did, you’ll know that I consider my self the non-gamer gamer. So, when I sat down to play this game, purely for entertainment value, I set it to easy, and just hoped to enjoy the story, and boy did I. I am a huge fan of Mafia history, fact or fiction, and this game led me to believe that it was nothing short of 100% accurate to what the 1950’s in a city like New York must have been like. The beginning back story of the two main characters Vito Scaletta, and Joe Barbaro, gets off to a pretty quick start with great graphics and game play. when the first chapter started in WWII, I had a smile from ear to ear thinking, finally, a real story line, not just some jerk running around a mock-up of NYC stealing cars and killing prostitutes. Not that I don’t like GTA, this story just was ten times better. Only three chapters in, I felt like I was part of the action and story, not to mention, they get you laughing your butt off pretty quick with the dialog.

Now, enough of kissing the writers butt, and lets get into game play. In my opinion game play for Mafia II is above average when compared to games like it. There was tons of action, and plenty of opportunity to play hero, or villan.  Some of the cut scenes were a little lengthy for me, but most of them were either entertaining, or essential to the plot. The ability to rob stores, purchase weapons, and to my knowledge the lack of cheats, made the game that much more realistic. Especially when it came to the cops. The option to pay a ticket, or to bribe the officer, rather than just being shot on sight, or carted off to jail not only made things easier, but played along with the Mafia, having the cops on your payroll sort of story line. All in all, the game play rocked, the story was awesome, and while the end was slightly anti-climactic for me, it still kept you guessing and wanting more. I def suggest getting this game if you haven’t already, take a few days off, and don’t leave the house til you’ve finished. Mafia II is one of my all time favorites.

On a side note, once you’re done, download Joes adventure, its more Grand Theft Autoish with little to no cut scenes, but gives  you an idea of what happened to Joe.

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  1. wesley says
    March 16, 2011, 6:13 PM

    Great post Jay!! We’ll be on the lookout for more from you!!

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