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September 10, 2016 Game News Update – Mario Comes to iOS, PS4 Loses Mods, Our Penultimate Episode

This was a pretty quiet week for game news- while some cool stuff happened, such as the announcement of the Playstation 4 Pro, some Pokemon Go news and the announcement of Super Mario Run, which is coming to iOS. Also, this is the penultimate episode of The Blackman ‘N Robin Game News Update; rest assured, there’s still going to be a nice long game news show every week, but since I, the narrator, am moving house, the new show will be running on the new site. Details on that next week during our last episode. For now, enjoy!

If you’re looking for DMCA’s Sky, you can find it here. In case you’re just tuning in and have no idea what that is, what happened last week is that No Mario’s Sky, a parody of No Man’s Sky, was hit by a DMCA last week, but that wasn’t enough to scare the developers off from making a cool game- so they made DMCA’s Sky and kept running- check it out if you’re looking for a neat, free No Man’s Sky parody.

If you’re curious about this week’s crowdfunding project, the Kickstarter for a game called Hypnospace Outlaw has gone live, and it looks like a pretty neat adventure. The game hearkens back to the days of Netscape Navigator and AOL, when GIF-laden Lycos pages were all the rage. If you’re looking for a weird, cool game, check this one out.

What do you think about this week’s game news? Sound off below or hit us up and follow @Blackmannrobin for all the latest game news, reviews, previews and interviews- follow me and stay with me wherever I go.

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