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September 3, 2016 Game News Update – 3DS Announcements, FPS/RTS Hybrid, No Man’s Woes

This was a relatively quiet week for game news-  the most exciting things to happen were the kickoff of PAX West going on in Seattle and the news that EVE Online is going free-to-play. Oh, and this company called “Nintendo” showed off their upcoming games, you might want to take a look at that.

The Nintendo Direct this week was pretty exciting- at least, it was for 3DS owners. This week, Nintendo showed off some more stuff for Pokemon Sun and Moon and promised updates for Animal Crossing New Leaf. They also showed off Super Mario Maker for the 3DS, which has some weird restrictions- most excitingly, however, they announced Pikmin for the 3DS. This is a strategy platformer in which you play as Captain Olimar, and as a huge fan of the Pikmin franchise, I’m pretty excited to see Nintendo doing a cute spinoff- hopefully it turns out well!

Maybe you prefer your Mario kinda sketchy, and mashed up with another game? If that’s the case, check out No Mario’s Sky, which was released as part of the latest Ludum Dare. I’ve played some, and it’s… Really weird. It’s a lot of fun, though.
If you’ve come looking for the coolest crowdfunding projects of the week, you’ve come to the right place: this week, Abatron hit Kickstarter, and I’m surprised that it hasn’t garnered more attention. Abatron combines the excitement of an FPS with the careful planning of an RTS- essentially, if you and your friends can’t decide between Starcraft and Halo, you could just play them both at once in Abatron.

The other crowdfunding project featured in this week’s episode of Game News Update is for a rhythmic racing game called Flight of Light; in this game, you race along a track, moving to the beat- it’s a simple premise, and to be honest, it looks a little rough visually- the gameplay, however, seems exciting.

What do you think of this week’s game news? Sound off below or hit us up and follow @Blackmannrobin for all the greatest game news, reviews, previews and interviews- follow me, @Jourdan_Cameron, for my own views.

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