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What the New Overwatch Hero, Ana, Can Do


After a bit of teasing last week, Blizzard has unveiled Ana, the next hero coming to Overwatch. According to the game’s lore, she’s a seasoned agent- she lost an eye after she hesitated during a mission, and apparently that was a mistake she doesn’t intend to repeat; you can check out her story trailer embedded below.

How she plays is pretty interesting as she’s a support sniper- no, that’s not a contradiction. Ana is meant for long range bursts of healing and dealing damage with her Biotic Rifle- she also has access to Biotic grenades, which damage enemies while enemies and heals allies within an AoE- what’s interesting about this is that allies in the area of the grenade will receive increased healing from other sources for a period of time, while enemies caught by the blast will lose the ability to be healed for a while- which is pretty terrifying. Not only can she deal damage and heal allies, but her biotic grenade can shut down other supports.

What’s more, Ana caries around a sleep dart as a sidearm, which will knock out enemies- it can end an ultimate ability early, such as McCree’s High Noon. Finally, Ana’s ultimate ability, Nano Boost, gives an ally increased movement speed, buffed damage and reduced inbound damage.

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