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May 28, 2016 Game News Update – Mirror’s Edge TV Show, Oculus DRM Brings Piracy

This week in game news, Oculus VR introduced new DRM that wound up fueling future piracy, a Mirror’s Edge television show is being worked on, and some great games have been released- you can check it all out on this week’s episode of Game News Update.

If you’re looking for the crowdfunding projects featured on this week’s episode, first off there’s Finding Gravity, a co-op puzzle platformer that in some ways is a bit reminiscent of Monument Valley and Portal 2– you can back it on Kickstarter here and vote for it on Steam Greenlight over here.

The other Kickstarter we featured on this week’s episode was for a game called Biosupremacy, which is a sci-fi platformer about fighting aliens and using their DNA to become the ultimate lifeform- you can check it out on Kickstarter here and vote for it on Steam Greenlight here.

What do you think of this week’s game news? Sound off below or hit us up and follow @Blackmannrobin for all the latest game news, reviews, previews and interviews; follow me for my own views.

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