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April 9, 2016 Game News Update – HTC Vive Launch, PS4 Updates, FFVII Details

This has been quite an interesting week for game news- coming up hot on the heels of the Rift, the HTC Vive was launched- much like the competition, however, it encountered some shipping woes. In spite of the troubles, however, those who do have their Vives are enjoying an awesome launch lineup of games- we talk about some of those in today’s episode. Additionally, we got some fresh information on the upcoming Final Fantasy VII remake- check it out!

If you’re here to check out cool Kickstarter projects, you’ve come to the right place; first off, a game that we covered previously, City of the Shroud, has returned to Kickstarter after their last campaign didn’t really work out. City of the Shroud is looking to be a gorgeous strategy RPG with some really neat worldbuilding. How this wasn’t funded the first time around, I couldn’t tell you, but it looks like it’s finally going to make it now.

The other game on Kickstarter featured on today’s episode is Luna: The Shadow Dust, a point and click adventure in which you play as a boy visiting another reality, one that lies just beneath our own. This strange world is in serious danger, and it’s up to you to save it.

Luna really managed to grab my attention with its gorgeous hand-drawn animation, and I’m very much hoping to see it succeed on Kickstarter. If you want to try the game first, you can either play the demo through your browser or download it for Windows or Mac.

Luna master-moon-1024x576

What do you think of this week’s game news? Anything have you excited? Sound off below or hit us up and follow @Blackmannrobin for all the latest game news, reviews, previews and interviews; follow me for my own views.

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  1. Shibusuke says
    April 10, 2016, 8:16 AM

    Thank you for the awesome shout-out! We’re going to do our best to get City of the Shroud funded this time. We took the game to Rezzed this past weekend, and players loved it, so it’s really helped us get off to a good start!

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