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New Captain America: Civil War Trailer Brings Who We’ve Been Waiting For

You don’t have to be a comic geek to know that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been a little bit divided since, before becoming mainly owned by Disney, the different Marvel properties were licensed out to other companies, such as Sony and Fox- hence why the X-Men haven’t appeared in The Avengers, and why nobody says “Mutants” in the MCU. Today, a new trailer was released for the upcoming Captain America: Civil War– and it looks like the MCU just became a little bit more united. Needless to say, minor (exciting) spoilers ensue.

Excited? Personally, I’m glad that Spider-Man is finally getting included in the MCU- it’s been long enough. Hopefully we don’t get dragged through too much backstory- I can only bear to watch Uncle Ben die so many times. What do you think? Sound off below or hit us up and follow @Blackmannrobin on Twitter for all the latest game and movie news, reviews, previews and interviews; follow me for my own views.

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