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Samurai Jack is Returning in 2016

I feel like we should’ve seen this one coming; Samurai Jack will be premiering on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim block some time in 2016- in case you’re unfamiliar with it, Samurai Jack originally aired from 2001 to 2004 and was an animated cyberpunk fantasy about a samurai whose world was plunged into darkness by ancient, unspeakable evil. On the verge of destroying it, the titular Samurai Jack was hurled through time and found himself going on all sorts of insane adventures. There’s a teaser for this new Samurai Jack that we’ve embedded below for your viewing pleasure.

According to the Youtube description for this five second teaser, “The new season is currently in production in Los Angeles at Cartoon Network Studios.”

Genndy Tartakosvsky, creator of Samurai Jack, promised that he’d be returning to the franchise if Hotel Transylvania was a success- apparently, he keeps his promises.
Personally, I’m happy to see Samurai Jack returning, though I’m not sure what to think of it being on Adult Swim- as far as cartoons go, Samurai Jack was mature on account of its storyline and characters- not for having guts and swearing. I’d be turned off by a grittier Samurai Jack– that said, if moving to Adult Swim is what it takes to prevent the show from being ruined by the same fools who destroyed Teen Titans or the shortsighted staffers who killed off Young Justice I’m all for it.

Samurai Jack 2016

What do you think- are you excited for this new season of Samurai Jack? Sound off below or hit us up and follow @Blackmannrobin for all the latest game and sci-fi news, reviews, previews and interviews- be sure to follow me for my own views.

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    […] George Takei and Charlize Theron. As a fan of fantasy inspired by Japanese folklore (I’m glad that Samurai Jack is coming back), I’m quite excited to see that Kubo and the Two Strings is coming out. Also, can we take a […]


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