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Space Noir Looks Incredible in Latest Screenshots

It’s not everyday that amazing looking games appear in a game journalist’s inbox- wait, it is. There have, as of late, been plenty of great new space games, updates to familiar favorites, and fantastic innovation. The latest space game to catch my attention is the mysteriously-titled Space Noir, from N-Fusion, a freshly announced space dogfighting game in which you play as Hal Markham, a spacefaring bounty hunter. Gameplay looks a lot like most other space combat games- fly around, don’t die, fight battles in the stars, etc.

Right now, I’m excited for a few reasons; for starters, the last time I heard “space” and “noir” being used in the same sentence, it turned out to be the best thing ever. Also, it’s neat seeing games like Star Citizen getting churned out- while we’re definitely going to wind up seeing plenty of games trying to be Star Citizen (and failing terribly at it), we’ll also wind up with games that bring their own style, story and gameplay to the space combat genre. Space Noir, for instance, has an aesthetic that’s rather like Distance and, hopefully, some noir personality.

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Space Noir will be coming to PC, iOS and Android this summer. Be sure to check out Space Noir on Facebook, and follow @Jourdan_Cameron for more gaming news, previews, interviews and other views.

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