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First Impressions of Echoes of Eridu

PAX East is always cruel to my inbox. In case you don’t know, members of the press who register to attend PAX East are sent emails by the show’s many exhibitors- each year, journalists will pick some of the exhibitors that interest them the most and schedule interviews and demos. After PAX East 2014, I was going through my inbox when I spotted a game that I had previously overlooked- Echoes of Eridu. The name alone intrigued me, and I decided to look into it.

Echoes of Eridu is a procedurally generated platformer- if you can imagine a roguelike metroidvania with randomly placed enemies, platforms and power-ups, you’ve got a basic idea of Echoes. I got to try out a demo of the game and enjoyed it. At current it’s unfinished (and it shows)- but it plays surprisingly well. While there were some surprising difficulty spikes in some areas, that’s not really unexpected for a roguelike of any sort. Overall the gameplay and mechanics feel complete in spite of the game being at a very early stage of development. While I only had the opportunity to play alone, Echoes of Eridu also supports multiplayer- something I don’t see too often in cyberpunk roguelike metroidvania platformers.

As you play the game, you unlock new weapons and items, which you can load in between games. In the demo I played there were two playable characters, Ace and Ninja. The developers are at current working on a couple of others with unique playstyles, such as JAM, the friendly albeit foolish robot dog, and the mysterious, insane Blitz.

Echoes of Eridu 2090-2014-03-26-22-52-33-50Both the gameplay and aesthetics of Echoes of Eridu draw on the Megaman franchise, which was a source of inspiration for the developers. While it’s still being worked on, I like the bright style and sharp, clean graphics- I can see plenty of potential in it. The playable characters look good thus far, and I’m hoping to see more of the fantastically well-animated enemies. Right now, most of the artistic focus seems to be on making the new protagonists, such as an adorable robot dog. While we’re on the topic of aesthetics, the music in Echoes is pretty good- it’s fast, upbeat chiptune that’s catchy and suits the game’s style quite well.

Echoes of Eridu JAM-colorsAt the time of publication, Echoes of Eridu is on both Greenlight and Kickstarter– if you’d like to see it made, check it out, vote for it, and be sure to follow Batterystaple Games on Twitter. For more gaming news, previews, interviews and other views, follow @Jourdan_Cameron on Twitter.

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