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Final Fantasy III Coming to PC

Thanks to the USK, Germany’s video game rating board, it was revealed that Square Enix will be releasing Final Fantasy III for Windows.While little is revealed by the classification, it’s likely that the game will be a port of the version that has been released on iOS, Android and the Nintendo DS.

For some time, Final Fantasy III was only available in Japan. The game, which came out in 1990, debuted on the Famicom, the Japanese equivalent of the NES, and Square Enix (then simply known as Square) had no plans to release it elsewhere. In the United States, Final Fantasy VI (which is arguably the best in the series) was released as Final Fantasy III in order to avoid confusion.

Final Fantasy III USK ratingAs of late, Square Enix has been giving more attention to the PC as a platform- there has already been a re-release of Final Fantasy VII on Steam. Perhaps we’ll see more classic NES and SNES era RPGs brought to our computers? Perhaps. Excited by this news? Sound off below, and be sure to follow @Jourdan_Cameron for more gaming news, previews, interviews and other views.

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