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PAX is Almost Over – Here Are Five Games You Might’ve Missed

If you’re reading this before April 14, 2014, PAX East is almost over, and plenty of awesome things have happened, such as the announcement of the Texas-based PAX South, which is planned for January 2015. If you’re reading this on or after April 14, you’ll still want to check these games out.The trouble with PAX East is that it’s gigantic. It’s possible to skip the panels, the concerts, the events, spending all your time on the show floor checking out booths and still not see everything. Since your time is limited, I present with no further ceremony five great games you might not have noticed at PAX East 2014.

1. Project Cyber

Where to see it: At the Spearhead Games Booth, which is part of the Unreal Booth (#1147)

Why you should check it out: This year at PAX East, we got to visit Spearhead games and talked with them about Project Cyber, their upcoming sci-fi sports game that’s being developed in large part by its own community. While we’re editing our interview footage, you have to go check out Project Cyber because it both looks and plays very well for being two months old, and it shows the oft untapped potential for games developed in part by communities.

Interested in becoming a part of Project Cyber? Check out their site, from which you can request a free Steam key and become a part of the Project Cyber community. See also: Our great interview with Spearhead for the last game, Tiny Brains, from PAX East 2013.

2. Elegy for a Dead World

Where to see it: At Dejobaan’s booth at the Indie Megabooth (#774)

Why you should check it out: It’s a departure from Dejobaan’s usual offeringsElegy for a Dead World is an exploration-driven game in which you play as a poet for long-lost civilizations. It’s in some ways reminiscent of They City, by Ray Bradbury, and if you’re a fan of science fiction that’s less about lasers and more about poetry, you’ll want to see this one. I’ve been waiting awhile for this one- besides the unique premise and gameplay, the art style draws me like a moth to flame.

See also: Our interview with Dejobaan, in which we talk about this Elegy for a Dead World.

3. Child of Light

Where to see it: At Ubisoft’s booth (#836 & #824)

Why you should check it out: If you’re a fan of RPGs, you’ve probably played a Final Fantasy title sometime in the last couple of decades- the game’s art director, Yoshitaka Amano has his own signature style that, while used for the covers, hasn’t really shone through in the game’s own graphics. At long last, Ubisoft has teamed up with Amano for a gorgeous RPG- check out the trailer below.

Child of Light is set in the imaginary world Lemuria, in which The Black Queen has stolen away the Sun, Moon and Stars from the sky. You, the player, embark on a quest as Princess Aurora, and go after the three luminaries, defeat the wicked queen and save your kingdom.

4. Habitat

Where to see it: At the tinyBuild booth (#656)

Why you should check it out: Habitat is like a cross between a few great games, namely Kerbal Space Program and FTL: Faster Than Light– it’s a game about building space stations out of orbiting debris, and it looks absolutely fantastic. It’s one of my most hotly anticipated games, and should not be missed at PAX- do yourself a favor and check it out.

See also: Our coverage of Habitat.

5. Alpha Muse

Where to see it: Due to a bit of a technical error, it’s not listed on the map or in the Guidebook app- it’s located by the Team Meat and Playstation Community booths (#606 and #608)

Why you should check it out: Current Circus is creating something big with Alpha Muse– if you like music and you like video games, you have to give this a shot- I can promise that it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Here’s some info ripped from the game’s official press release:

The name Muse covers a large body of work by Current Circus, and at its core is Alpha Muse, a music-driven exploration game. In Alpha Muse players create music by leading and ‘inspiring’ groups of sonic creatures, sharing these compositions and collaborating with their friends and the global Muse Community.

Muse as a concept connects a variety of mediums and platforms into a central musical universe – The Muse-Verse. This abstract space presents an evolving sonic ecosystem, based around a cutting-edge procedural music system. People can already access the Muse-Verse via Alpha Muse and in parallel audiences can interact with the Muse-Verse (and Muse’s procedural Music System) via a variety of installations called Muse Pods – currently live in Sydney, Melbourne and San Francisco. The Muse-Verse is a dynamic sonic ecosystem, designed by musicians and extended by players.

Current Circus strives to connect people of all ages and musical abilities, and empower them to share and create music together. Our goal is to extend the reach of Muse as far as possible – a project that is multi-platform, supporting multiple input devices and technologies.

6. Android Assault Cactus, 10 Second Ninja, Race the Sun and Imagine Me

Where to see them: Behind the Telltale Games booth (#1093 & #1094)

Why you should check them out: This is cheating, isn’t it? It’s probably cheating, but frankly I’m in a cheating mood right now. These games are all fantastic, creative and worth playing. The reason I mention them all together is on account of their being in a quiet corner of PAX East- they’re all rather different from one another, but their developers all seem to share the same passion for making great games- I encourage you to take a look at these if you get the chance.
Android Assault Cactus, an old favorite around here, is a cyberpunk twin-stick shooter with a unique aesthetic and fast-paced gameplay- if you need a quick pick-me-up, it’s worth playing at PAX East.
Next is Ten Second Ninja, a time-trial platformer in which you fight Nazi-robots from outer space- it’s absurd and wonderful.
Imagine Me is another platformer, and it’s still a work-in-progress- its gameplay is centered on intentionally slippery controls and careful timing- it has a rather laid-back viber.
Finally, Race the Sun is another old favorite around here– it’s a unique racing game with a simple aesthetic and addictive gameplay.

Did you see anything cool at PAX East 2014? Sound off below!

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