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Habitat is the Space Strategy Game to Watch

Lately, there have been a glut of really great games set in outer space. Between the latest FTL update and the NASA expansion pack for Kerbal Space Program, I can’t get my head out of the stars- a good thing, since it means I’m ready for yet another really cool space game: say hello to Habitat.

Currently in development by 4gency, Habitat is a game in which you have a floating space station that can be built upon and customized with the junk that orbits Earth. The game combines elements of management sim and strategy game (keep the folks on your station alive by monitoring food, oxygen, etc., and pick your battles carefully) as well as a creatively-focused construction and space exploration game. It’s as if Kerbal Space Program and some strange, real-time Simcity had a beautiful baby.

4gency is currently on Kickstarter with a modest goal of $50,000 to get Habitat off the ground. The game, in its current state, plays rather well- it needs a little nudge, however, to really soar. In the finished version, the devs plan to have both a sandbox and a campaign mode- in the latter, players will have to stop an army of nanobots from consuming planet Earth. Habitat is coming to Mac, Windows and Linux as well as the Xbox One sometime in late 2014 after alpha and beta testing end.


If you happen to be reading this article before or during PAX East 2014 and you’re an attendee, know that the game will be shown off at booth #656 and will have a playable demo available.

Want to see this game get made? Check out the Kickstarter page, and be sure to follow @4gency on Twitter. Follow @Jourdan_Cameron for more game news, interviews, and absurdly entertaining remarks.

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