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Details and iPad Price Surface for FTL: Advanced Edition

Earlier, we reported on the very exciting FTL: Advanced Edition, the expansion to FTL: Faster than Light that will be coming free to anybody who has already purchased the game on PC. During GDC, Subset Games revealed that the cost of the iPad version of FTL: Faster than Light will be $10, and that it will come out at the same time as the PC update.

FTL: Faster than Light is a roguelike RPG set in the merciless depths of outer space- it’s plays incredibly well, has an excellent story with witty writing and is very hard to put down. The game is particularly well-suited to tablets, as has been noted by fans and critics alike- Subset Games thus set to work on getting a mobile port of the game prepared. There are plans to bring the game to Android as well, but right now only the iOS version is being developed. Excited? Sound off below, and check out this interview with Subset from Polygon.

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