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Oculus VR Announces Upcoming Events for 2014

Oculus VR, the company behind the (rightly) hyped Oculus Rift, has announced several events that they’ll have a presence at this year.

First off, they’ll be heading to SXSW in Austin, Texas this weekend- if you’ll be at the festival, you’ll not only be able to check out the latest VR games, but in addition, there will be demonstrations of films and music that take advantage of the technology. On March 8 at 6:30 pm, there’ll be a special panel- Exploring the Future of Virtual Reality with Oculus– to be hosted by none other than Palmer Luckey, Nate Mitchell and Ryan Brown.

PAX_East_2014 LogoNot in Texas? Don’t despair; you can still check out the Oculus Rift on the East Coast during PAX East 2014, from April 11-13. No details have been announced quite yet, but it’s a thing to look forward to if you’re in Boston and heading to PAX East.

The very last event on the calendar is E3, which takes place June 10-12 2014. Perhaps later in the year, Oculus VR will be launching a convention of its own? Hopefully. Are you attending any of the above events, and if so, will you be checking out Oculus? Sound off below. Wondering if you’ll be attending an event with Oculus VR? Take a look at their schedule for a full list of events.

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