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Scrollon May Be the Next Big Thing in Comics

Scrollon is an incredibly simple concept that works incredibly well. I stumbled across it earlier this week, and was impressed to see it in action. In case you’re wondering what exactly it is, Scrollon amounts to a new format for comics- imagine if instead of enjoying a comic by reading it page by page, you scrolled through it continuously, as though it were a long, single image. Initially, it struck me as a nice sounding idea, but I was unsure of how exactly it’d work in practice.

Fortunately, I got a chance to see it in action on Scrollon’s official site, where the first chapter of Stories from Ashfire Moon is available in Scrollon format- what I saw impressed me, and made me believe in the format. The gorgeously illustrated story (which is rather reminiscent of a Ray Bradbury work) seemed to flow uninterrupted- it was rather like reading an ordinary ebook, but with scrolling images instead of text. The effect is absolutely fantastic- I think it has plenty of potential with which to tell stories in new ways- the seamlessness of the format makes it feel more like a movie than a comic- and that’s fantastic.

ashfire_015Interested in Scrollon? Check out the official site or download it for your iDevice. I don’t think that Scrollon is going to replace traditional comics, in much the same way that ebooks haven’t yet replaced physical books. That being said, I have the feeling that Scrollon has the potential to become a standard format for comics- I hope to see it get used more in the future.

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