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Game Preview: Attack of the Gelatinous Blob

The demo of Attack of the Gelatinous Blob (AOTGB) has just been released to kick off a KickStarter campaign. I’ve downloaded it and you can too by clicking here http://attackofthegelatinousblob.com/ Shall we check it out?

AOTGB begins with a monologue from the Blobs’ creator, the evil Dr Blob. He describes that he will use his latest creation – the Blobs to take over the world for being rejected by his fellow scientist, most of which is arch nemesis Dr McAvoy who will try his all to stop Dr Blob. The game then starts with a entertaining and informative tutorial.

AOTGB is a Real Time Strategy game peppered with some Tower Defence elements. Your first job is to actually create the Blobs which means you have to do some building. The Blob Spawner is already built for you but you are going to need slime – the base element of the Blob, the Slime Extractor does what it’s name suggests, it extracts slime from the ground, how many Blobs you can spawn depends on this important building. The Blobs can be tricky bunch to handle so for that you’re going to need to build a Pacifier or two, these are more disposable though just as vital as the other 2 buildings. This is where the Tower Defence elements steps in, the humans do not like the Blobs so they will attack, once all the Blobs are slain they will come after your buildings and if the Blob Spawner is destroyed then it’s Failville, population 1 – you. Your priority therefore is to protect these 3 buildings at all costs, I suggest always having some Blobs guarding them as they have a very useful auto-attack feature whenever the humans near.

Of course the stars of AOTGB are the Blobs and they are fun and easy to control. Simply point and click where you want your Blob to go or right click on the stuff you want taking apart or attack. Although they’re slow (at first), eating different objects gives them different appearances but more importantly different attributes. Eating garden furniture will turn a Blob yellow then when a human comes near it will emit a circle of poisonous gas. You can also combine the Blobs to make bigger Blobs then take it further and have a big Blob eat garden furniture so it will emit a larger radius of poisonous gas. In the demo the objective is build 10 Blob houses so you would send a Blob to first tear down a house then occupy it, the Blob would then turn into a big Blob house. This is not as easy as it sounds, the humans are a constant threat, not only can they be offensive and come attack the Blobs, they also throw up gun turrets which the Blobs simply have no chance against. After a series of trial and error I found the best tactic is to send one Blob at a time and try to be as stealthy as you can, sending a horde of Blobs only makes the humans come in hordes themselves and throw up more turrets. The humans are also clever enough to split their party and attack the invading Blobs AND attack your precious Spawner. The AI is of the humans are impressive, they show a good level of intelligence and adaptability.

As a demo AOTGB already looks pretty slick, the animations are smooth and there is a good level of detail in the scenery. The game also runs very smoothly, even on my lowly machine, panning round the map is smooth and there is no slow down in frame rate. The score is funky and light hearted perfectly suited to the leisurely gameplay. Dr Blob is a comical mad scientist, he seems more bothered about choosing a catchphrase than his Blobs being squished but then he gets told by Dr McAvoy that his new catchphrase is weak! I can imagine AOTGB will get pretty hectic but the light hearted music and the funny banter will keep the game airy and cheerful. The first stage of the demo took about 10 – 15 minutes to finish which is a perfect length to just pick up and play.

The demo is available right now for Windows, although it’s short AOTGB shows enormous potential to be a fun and intelligent game. Not only does it have enough depth to be challenging but it’s cleverly designed to be causal enough to be picked up and played in short bursts, which is exactly what developer Paper Machete Games wants to achieve. Please hit the following link http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/353817188/attack-of-the-gelatinous-blob-rts-game-meets-tower and give generously so we can see more of this charming little game. Stay tuned to Blackman ‘N Robin for more updates regarding Attack of the Gelatinous Blob.

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