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The Last Door – The Last Boost

The folks over at The Game Kitchen has some exciting developments about their Point & Click horror game, The Last Door.

The Last Door is within sniffing distance of reaching their funding goal and are just about to finish chapter 3 too. Developers The Game Kitchen want just one last push to fully realise their target. So in order to do this we’d like to remind you of the Summer Promotion which you can find the details of here http://blackmannrobin.com/?p=17171 but also remember that if you make a second donation the new amount you pledged adds up to your total donations so far. You can seize this opportunity and become a member of the exclusive group of Premium players, and be the first to play “The Four Witnesses”. Premium members also will have the exclusive chance to take part in the creation of the chapter by sending improvement suggestions and propose descriptions of certain objects that the dev will leave intentionally blank. The best descriptions will be eventually included in the final version of the game, and the authors immortalized for good in the credits section! How cool is that!

The Game Kitchen also want to let you know about their Stretch Goals. “We are really confident that we will not only reach our funding objective but also, and counting on your help, we will over-achieve it. This is the reason why we have designed and set a series of stretch goals that we are sure will appeal you”.

First stretch goal is  €11,000. If reached it, “The Letter” Original Soundtrack will be released for all of the community members! Rewards attached to the different stretch goals will be unveiled as to the release date nears. But for now I can share that if €15.000 is reached, we will finally see the release of The Last Door as a stand-alone download, DRM-free for Windows, Mac and Linux.
As I mentioned before Chapter 3, The Four Witness is just about finished and we have a released date people – the 30th of September. But if you can’t wait there are a couple of previews in the form of a graphic preview of the new chapter courtesy of Enrique. Enjoy it by clicking here!
So there you have it, all the excuses you need to generously donate to The Game Kitchen’s goal, stay tuned to Blackman ‘N Robin for more exciting news about The Last Door.
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