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Exciting Attack of the Gelatinous Blob News

Big things are happening over at Paper Machete Games at the moment, not only have we just been treated a trailer of Attack of the Gelatinous Blob, we also get a demo to play with as well. All this is to kick off a KickStarter campaign.

Attack of the Gelatinous Blob (AOTGB from now on to save my poor keyboard) is a Real Time Strategy game mixed with some tower assault elements. You play as Dr Blob, a mad scientist, who controls a horde of blobs set on taking over the world. The blobs themselves have a unique ability where what they eat dictates what their attacks and skills are for example changing melee attacks to ranged, the type of damage dealt and their speed, health and a whole host of abilities to discover. What’s more, you can combine them to create massive gooey blobs, cubic blobs, and wet blobs! The humans have to defend against the blobs’ attacks and they will arm themselves at the gun store, build turrets, and send police and soldiers to stop slimy assault.

Of course, any mad scientist worth his salt wouldn’t be without doomsday weapons which range from slimy cyclones, to earthquake generators. Doomsday weapons can be researched at the science lab and constructed. They will take electricity to recharge and will be quite expensive but they are totally worth it as the humans are not an easy bunch, they will target Dr Blob’s crystal supply which are essential to building blobs with. The AI is also clever enough to learn how the player attacks or what the player builds and react accordingly. Watch the amusing blobs create carnage in the following trailer:

You can download the demo for Windows by hitting the following link: http://attackofthegelatinousblob.com/

Types of Blobs

And If you liked AOTGB please donate generously by going here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/353817188/attack-of-the-gelatinous-blob-rts-game-meets-tower

AOTGB wants to be more of a casual RTS game that most people can just pick up and have a quick blast but still keeping it challenging and dynamic with different strategies available to the player. The game has already raised nearly $1000 in under 48 hours at the time of writing with a modest goal of $20000.

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