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Why we shouldn’t buy Fifa 14, but will anyway.

The Fifa franchise has given us a great footballing experience over the past decade but isn’t a game that strives to be better. Fifa 14 is the latest incarnation of the series, the new features in this game are trivial things like protecting the ball or true shot trajectory.

 From the trailer we can see the mediocrity the game possesses in full high definition. The games in the past tend to market one specific feature such as be a goalkeeper or the “outstanding” player impact engine. Fifa is a game which is fun to play and it is clear to see how it has become the biggest selling sports franchise of all time.

The problem we consistently see from EA is its blatant unwillingness to improve anything beyond their latest gimmick. The games in the franchise have been revolutionary in the past, only when they have had to contend with a better game.

An example of this statement would be Fifa 07 which included so many new features and such a level of detail that blew the Pro Evolution series out of the water. The problem is that once EA rooted their claws into the consumer their mediocrity continued as their game was once again unrivalled by rival developers.

So for the past 5 years we have seen the same game just with minor tweaks and new kits, it is disappointing to see a game we all know and love fall into the same category as Call of Duty. The fact is I will still continue to buy the game as there is no competition for my money. I love football and I love Fifa, I just really hope for a newer, better and bigger experience.

Another person that has a similar opinion to me is Youtuber Ksiolajidebt who goes on to discuss the flaws in Fifa 14 in the video below.


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