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Game News – Free-to-play Dust 514 and Uncharted 3 multiplayer

If you own a Ps3 but have not bothered checking PSN, or your Ps3 is currently gathering dust because you don’t have any Ps3 games in stock, then you can always go onto PSN and pick up Uncharted 3’s multiplayer portion along with Dust 514, which are currently one of the few free-to-play titles on the market. Of course this is old news for those who scrounge around PSN on a daily basis, but for those who do not, it’s a great chance to save some money with these two very enjoyable titles.

Uncharted 3’s multiplayer is the first free-to-play title that arrived on the market regardless of you owning the retail title around the end of February, 2013. The title itself is very much the same as the retail copies multiplayer portion, however, sadly you will have to watch an advertisement every now and then in-between matches. In addition to that, you can only level up to 15, meaning you won’t be able to access the cooler looking weapons, be able to utilize different outfits; however, you will continuously have experience counted as you play even after that, until you either purchase the level cap unlock, or you purchase the Game of The Year Edition. Of course, it’s better to just purchase the Game of the Year Edition, however, if you just looking to have fun with multiplayer every now and then with a friend, this is a great opportunity to download it now.

Dust 514 on the other hand came out one month after February with the intention of providing a cooperative multiplayer shooter in the same universe as Eve Online. Players will create a male or female character and from their choose the type of armor they want and the overall family name and somewhat of a back-story to the character themselves. The game has received several negative reviews from very popular sites stating that the game is ugly, and that it has several problems, but during my four matches, I truly liked the gameplay mechanics and definitely enjoyed the graphics on my HDTV. Furthermore, the title doesn’t seem to be a pay-to-win type of title, for those who are discouraged that players who pay will beat them everytime.

Overall, both of these titles deserve a look. I can’t say that Dust 514 is the next Battlefield 3, or Uncharted’s multiplayer will be something that you will play until the very end, but it is something that is absolutely free and something that is enjoyable regardless of money.

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