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New Mirror’s Edge is a Reboot- And That’s Good News

Surprise, ladies and gents, the new Mirror’s Edge game is actually a reboot- we’ve been calling it Mirror’s Edge 2, but apparently, it’s a prequel set to reboot the series. This is something of a shocking move considering how much everybody demanded a sequel, but in all honesty? A reboot is exactly what the series needed. To begin with, it’s been a long time since the first game came out- while it didn’t sell particularly well, it became well known some years after it came out. It certainly had an interesting story and characters, but it was in many ways vague. The giant, nameless city was without a name- I had no idea what political motivations the antagonists had- all I had was a goal, and that was to rescue Kate.

The story was good, but not great. A reboot leaves room open to improve upon the mistakes of the past, and I’m sure that the folks at Dice will do a spectacular job with Mirror’s Edge 2– wait, no, let’s call it Mirror’s Edge New. Besides the improvement to the story, certain gameplay elements may be changed and improved. Combat in the original Mirror’s Edge was kind of clunky and tended to break the flow of the freerunning that the game was built around. It’s not that improvements couldn’t be introduced to a sequel, but since the next game’s going to be a reboot, it’s a chance to start anew.

I have faith that Dice will greatly improve upon the gameplay of Mirror’s Edge New– there are certain advantages to being one of the best known underrated games of the decade, namely getting a lot of feedback on how to make a new game better from fans, the press, and other segments of the industry. What I am hoping for is that the new game retains the lovely aesthetic and visuals of the old. From the teaser, it looks like the bright, gorgeous colors and white sterile surfaces are going to be present in the new game. Something I really loved from the original game were the 2D cutscenes- some people liked them, and with good reason: they were stylish, looked great, and did a good job telling the game’s story. On the other hand, some said that the 2D cutscenes took them out of the game and didn’t really match the rest of the game’s aesthetic. There were some other elements of the original game that people disagreed upon- Dice will have to figure out what to do with them- keeping them, killing them, making them less divisive- that’s up to them.

What I can say for sure, however, is that this is a title to keep an eye on- the fans demanded it, and at long last, it’s happening, and it’s coming when it’s ready. A new Mirror’s Edge game. If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go run across some rooftops in anticipation.

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  1. July 3, 2013, 9:03 PM

    […] While the game’s going to be rebooted, the original still merits a playthrough, and thanks to the magic of Vireio, it’s playable on the Rift. Just be ready for potential motion sickness. Have a bucket handy. […]


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