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Game News – Shadowrun Returns

Shadowrun Returns is a title that many don’t know about to be frank, and it make sense why. The original title came out around 1993 on the Super Nintendo acquiring great scores from all of the reviewers of the time, and acquiring the 48th best game on any Nintendo platform by Nintendo Power around 1997. Soon after, another game called Shadowrun was released on the Sega Genesis, but seemed to be more of a sequel taking place years after the first title, but not acquiring the same attention as the first one. Sadly, by 2007, the Shadowrun franchise seemed to have dug their own graves with the announcement of a first-person shooter known as Shadowrun, developed by FASA Interactive and published by Microsoft Game Studios for the Xbox 360 along with the PC. Of course none of this could have been done in the first place if Shadowrun hadn’t been a tabletop role-playing game from the very start.




Unlike the previous two Shadowruns, the shooter version of Shadowrun was spectacular for fans of the first-person shooter genre, but for fans of the RPG genre, which the first two focused greatly on, the title was very disappointing. It offered no immersion unlike the first two, no RPG elements, and nor did it offer the same strategy that the first one did. Sadly, what’s worse is that soon after, Microsoft Studios shut down the servers to the game as well, in which a company by the name of Smith & Tinker bought a license to be allowed to create the games as well, but currently Microsoft still owns the rights to create them, which sadly means that Smith & Tinker must abide by their guidelines.


From what it seemed like back around 2008, the Shadowrun franchise was gone for good, until a few years after a kickstarter along with a community website had shown up on the radar, which displayed that there was a community that still cared for the franchise, and wanted more. The kickstarter itself was started around March 2012, where they had received their goal shortly after the announcement. From there, they announced a new Shadowrun was in the making called Shadowrun Returns, a title that would go back to its route, giving 2D turn-based single player, with deeper story, meaningful character development and a cool level editor.



Not too much information regarding the story was directly told to us, however, one of the main characters is Jake Armitage -the protagonist of the first title. However, this time, 4 years seem to have passed, and players will be in Seattle yet again, but this time trying to figure out who killed your old friend Sam with the help of some friends. The game will focus on a ton of mystery just like the original, where you will have to inquire tons of things, such as victims of attacks, to inquiring information from evil detectives, hiding information from you. The title is set to be released around June 2013, but no specific date has been set, however, be on the look-out. For more information concerning Shadowrun, please visit the link: http://harebrained-schemes.com/media-images/


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  1. DaveyD says
    June 10, 2013, 8:50 AM

    It’s always good to see Shadowrun Returns getting some attention. However, this article makes it sound as if Shadowrun was only ever a video game series. It is worth mentioning that all all of the video games are based on a tabletop RPG.

    Also, the statement “Microsoft Studios shut down the servers to the game as well, having been bought out by a company called Smith & Tinker” is misleading. It makes it sounds as if S&T bought the IP rights from Microsoft. Microsoft (unfortunately) still owns the rights for making Shadowrun video games; Smith and Tinker merely paid for the license to make the game. Harebrained Schemes still has to abide by terms set by Microsoft (which is why so far it is only available for sale on Steam). And a company called Cliffhanger also paid for the license, and will be making Shadowrun Online, a MMO expected to be launched later this year.

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    • John says
      June 11, 2013, 9:19 AM

      Dave – i did notice this however: ” Of course none of this could have been done in the first place if Shadowrun hadn’t been a tabletop role-playing game from the very start.”

      I think they just focused on the video game versions of the franchise.

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  2. John says
    June 11, 2013, 9:14 AM

    Agree with DaveyD above… still, loving all the Shadowrun products coming out this year! Because i can’t do them all my top 3 are, SR: Returns, SR: Online, and SR: Crossfire… but the gang level skirmish game is intriguing as well. 🙂

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