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Shenmue 3 at E3?

Shenmue 3 at E3?

Shemnue 3 at E3?

Years have passed since director Yu Suzuki left video game enthusiasts wedged on a cliff-hanger moment that’s teased our desire to see the series through to the very end. The original Shenmue was nothing short of groundbreaking, this is the second highest produced game in history and introduced completely new mechanics that weren’t seen ever before.

This Dreamcast exclusive definitely stood out amongst the competition as a shining example of the systems future potential which was cut drastically short after the prescience of the Playstation 2 & the DVD drive came to light. Since the Dreamcast became unscrupulously redundant in the video game market a port of the sequel had been made available to the original Xbox console.

Ryo Hazuki embarked on a quest to avenge his father’s death, a tale that beckons any deep minded gamer to go and explore. Though everything in gaming boils down to opinion I believe you’ll have trouble disagreeing with the statement that Shenmue has a special charm and ambition that was way ahead of its time.

Fast forwarding to 2013 the voice actor who plays as Ryo Hazuki (Corey Marshall) has posted up some suspect images on Facebook that strongly indicate a potential third instalment. Shenmue fans are used to having such dreams dashed by rumours however this would make logical sense as Nintendo signed an exclusive deal with Sega & requires more heavy hitter titles to grace their Wii U platform.

These images posted on Corey’s Facebook include him working alongside Ryo Hazuki’s trademark motorcycle, as this has been posted mere days away from E3; it wouldn’t be the worst bet to make that this could mean the long awaited Shenmue 3 may soon be upon us.

Sega AM2s Yakuza franchise has been a spiritual successor or substitute when the Shenmue trail originally ran cold those many moons ago. What’s also worth highlighting is that the Wii U has the first two Yakuza games being ported in HD, which may open the possibility to witnessing the remaining three make the jump as well.

The exclusivity deal between Nintendo and Sega has already unveiled an exciting new Sonic adventure that will feature input from both parties. For Sega to pull out all the stops by introducing the Yakuza & Shenmue assets to the Wii U platform, Nintendo’s next generation system should see a huge boost in appeal.


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  1. June 7, 2013, 12:43 PM

    Check this out:

    @SEGAnerds: “Ryo Hazuki voice actor confirms he hasn’t worked on Shenmue 3”



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