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Inside Florida Supercon: Video Game Exhibits

Inside Florida Supercon: Video Game Exhibits

Florida Supercon, or FSC, is a four-day festival dedicated to the people who love the best things the nerd world has to offer; they’ll be celebrating comics, cartoons, anime, video games, fantasy, sci-fi, and every thing else that makes us slobber on our Spider-Man t-shirts.

A huge expansion has been made to FSC’s efforts to appeal to gamers. Running all four days of the convention will be a “video game ballroom.” Contrary to my initial perception, it isn’t a ball hosted by Link and Zelda, but a ballroom in the adjacent Doubletree Hotel loaded with tournaments and other goodies to keep the gamer who hates idle hands busy. There will also be many speakers hitting on many subtleties that game geeks like me go nuts over: a crash course in the game design process, a lesson in the great use of sound in games, a critical analysis of tropes used in games, and even an “unconventional jobs in gaming” topic.

To top it all off, guests such as Alix Avery of Z2 games, writer Tony Beddard, voice actor Gregg Berger, and so many more will be hosting some of the talks, answering questions, and sharing their experiences and wisdom working in an industry so many of us hold dear but so few of us truly understand.

I hope to attend this fantastic event and bring you guys interviews, highlights, and any other coverage I can bring to the table.

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