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Why I’m Excited For a Potential Mirror’s Edge 2


Back in 2008 EA and DICE gave us Mirror’s Edge- a first person game that said goodbye to standard run and gun gameplay and put movement and exploration in the forefront. Gone were the dark environments that populate most shooters. Instead we had a vibrant, clean world that we could only hope to have in the future. It was an interesting idea, though many gamers and critics were hesitant towards the concept. Sure the idea was cool, but the heavy focus on parkour from a first person perspective was something that wasn’t clicking with audiences.

I remember when I first saw the footage for Mirror’s Edge. Not only did I love the idea, but I was blown away by how beautiful the game looked. I was excited and couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. I even pre-ordered the game, though that was also in part because it came with the yellow carrier bag that appeared in the game. I sat down and played the game and was awed by everything. The graphics and world were gorgeous, the gameplay was unique and the soundtrack fit the game like a glove.

Now as much praise as I seem to be giving this game I will be the first one to tell you that there was plenty wrong with it. The gameplay put an emphasis on free running and out maneuvering your enemies, but there were often times where there was no choice but to pick up a gun and start blasting away. The hand to hand combat and takedowns required lightning fast reflexes. The story was weak- there was complete lack of confrontation, no sense of there being a bad guy other than an evil corporation and you never got a sense that the world was a bad place. As far as I could tell everything seemed pretty peaceful so I could never understand why Faith was fighting against a faceless enemy other than what was told from her accounts. There were plenty of great themes in the story, but they were never explored to their full potential. And I still to this day can not understand why the cutscenes where 2D animations and not in game cutscenes. Not that they weren’t good, but I completely took me out of the game.

But not matter how frustrated I would get with the game, in the end I still had fun with it. And I chose to look at the game as a prototype. In a way it reminded me of the very first Assassin’s Creed. That was another game I loved despite all it’s faults. But it felt more like a prototype game that was testing some of the features. Sure enough we got Assassin’s Creed 2 and that was leaps and bounds better than it predecessor. It took out the bad and improved upon what worked while also adding in some new functions that fit. And that is what my hope was for Mirror’s Edge 2. But sadly we never got that game and it seemed like we never would. Up until EA let slip about the potential sequel in recent weeks following the release of the Xbox One.

So after I read all those articles I became instantly giddy. To this day I still want a sequel to Mirror’s Edge. The game had potential. It was there, I saw it. When I beat the game my mind was swarming with possibilities for an awesome sequel that could far surpass the original. And with two new next gen systems being released that are allowing developers to do more, there is a lot less holding the developer back in creating a fantastic experience.

It hasn’t been confirmed (nor denied) that it’s being developed. But with E3 just around the corner, we could still be surprised. And since EA has a strong partnership with Microsoft and since the latter still has something to prove to gamers, revealing Mirror’s Edge 2 would go a long way. We’ve seen what the graphics will be like for the next gen. This game looked gorgeous before, so the sequel could easily be the best looking game in the next gen. I have no doubts the soundtrack would be amazing especially since now we even have film composers working on games as well. The story had a lot of room to grow, and if EA is taking a chance on a sequel that means we could be getting a bigger, stronger narrative that will have us falling in love with these characters.

I want this sequel to be real. I want this to happen. Whenever I play games with potential I always want to see more because that is how this industry will grow beyond Call of Duty and other formulaic games that are always being released. Maybe this will allow the industry to start taking more chances and being more innovative with their AAA titles rather than hoping the next big indie game will change the way developers think. So this sequel should happen. It needs to happen. And because of the potential that is there, I am excited for this game.

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