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Looks Like Young Justice: Legacy is Still Alive

Looks Like Young Justice: Legacy is Still Alive

I felt kind of terribly guilty for not having been caught up with the show Young Justice when it ended- it was a pretty good animated series about sidekicks kicking off and forming their own group. While the series has ended, a while back, a video game based on the show was announced. It’s name was Young Justice: Legacy. For a while, I forgot about it, and assumed it was dead after hearing of the show’s cancellation. Apparently, however, that’s not the case.

While reading a press release for Majesco’s E3 2013 lineup, I spotted something that caught my eye:

  • Young Justice: Legacy (Little Orbit) on PlayStation®3, Xbox 360 and Wii U™ is based on the acclaimed Cartoon Network animated series inspired by the DC Comics characters. Players assemble their Young Justice team from 12 heroes including NightWing, Kid Flash, Robin and more. Track down notorious villains and be mentored by powerful superheroes as you explore, customize and battle in this action-packed, RPG styled game.

This means that the game is still alive, and there will probably be more information released about gameplay and such. Meanwhile, what we do know is that the game is set between seasons one and two, and there’s a version of the game coming to the 3DS (watch for the logo at the end of the trailer)- it’ll probably be different from those on the main consoles.

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