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Microsoft confirms first draft of used game system

Microsoft confirms first draft of used game system

Microsoft recently revealed a used game system for the Xbox One, though it may not be the final version of it.

At present, you take a used game to the shop. The shop pays you a percentage of what they’ll sell the game for. The shop then gets 100% of the cash that used game sells for.

With the Xbox One, you buy a game, put the disc in one time, enter a code, and the game saves fully to the 500 GB hard drive. No one else can use that disc. To trade a game into a shop like GameStop, you take it in and the store can enter the game’s code into Microsoft’s cloud system and deactivate the game so that you can no longer use it. Then, when the game resells, Microsoft and the publisher EACH take a nice 45% chunk, leaving the retailer with 10%.

On top of costing the used game retailers the extra dough, Microsoft is punishing its consumers. GameStop and the other used game retailers will have to put the bill on us to keep their doors open. This means the difference between a new and used copy of a game may be as little as $5.

We’re not powerless in this. Consumers are the blood of these corporations. If we let them know we don’t like their policies, they have to change. So let them know by commenting below, by speaking your mind on forums, or anywhere else that this isn’t the right way to do things.

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