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Grand Theft Auto V Ups the Ante

Grand Theft Auto V Ups the Ante

Rockstar announced two new editions of the latest entry in the crime game giant up for pre-order.

The first is Grand Theft Auto V Special Edition, retailing at $79.99.

Included is the game, exclusive artwork in a SteelBook, a blueprint map of the game world, a 25% special ability meter boost for the three characters, single player stunt plane trials, bonus customization items for the characters, and additional weapons at Ammunation: Pistol .50, Bullpop shotgun, and a hammer.

The Collector’s Edition, up for $149.99, includes all of the above, plus a GTA V security deposit box with a key, a special snapback cap with logos of Rockstar, Los Santos, and the game itself, custom characters for GTA Online, and a garage with some exclusive vehicles: the 1930’s style Hotknife hotrod and the CarbonRS sports bike. In Grand Theft Auto Online, players will get the high-end Khamelion electric car. All of this edition will come in a special embossed foil case.

Also introduced is the Atomic Blimp vehicle, included with a pre-order of any edition of the game between now and September 17th, including the standard retail copy.


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