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Assault Android Cactus Preview

Assault Android Cactus Preview











From Brisbane Australia the developer Witch Bean introduces Assault Android Cactus which is a top-down arcade shooter up title that’s currently on Steam Greenlight rallying up support for launch this summer on Mac, PC and Linux. I was generously offered the opportunity to preview this game to spread the word on what to expect out of this title.

The story behind the game surrounds the character “Cactus”, an enthusiastic yet inexperienced law enforcing android that investigates a seemingly stranded space freighter. Cactus soon discovers malfunctioning robots are aboard and recruits fellow androids to join a high-octane battle to regain control of the ship!

Assault Android Cactus (AAC) uses a traditional game style blended with a futuristic twist that gives it a unique identity. Playing the game your thrown into arenas to battle waves upon waves of enemies that aim to shut you down, taking the role as an android your naturally armed to the teeth to terminate incoming threats. Witch Beam has implemented some interesting terms to the gameplay that up the stakes that transforms a simplistic shooter into a strategic test of metal.


Rather then needing to survive the vast robot onslaught your attention becomes distracted because the android you’ve embodied has a limited power supply that must stay charged to last the fight. In order to stay in the game energy pick ups must be obtained from defeating enemies which sounds far easier than it actually is. These androids are built to take punishment, once they’ve received enough damage you need to resuscitate them back into battle. Points and combos are a great blast but once that power supply indicator reaches minimum; it’s game over!

Other pickups are available that include drones that assist in your fire rate and fasten maneuverability across the arena.  Each character available offers variance in weaponry that compliment separate tactics. They’re all-different and warrant particular approaches to dishing out their fire power. The more familiar become with the guns & powers, the more effective you’ll be.

The arenas flaunt another one of the kind feature and that’s how the layout smoothly transitions to alter the playing field. Tiles morph into multiple states that can issue crucial changes to the battlefield. Again this enforces the fact that AAC isn’t the typical arcade shooter, your mind needs to be synchronised to handle the many risks obstacles that stand against you.


Enemies certainly serve as a worthy challenge; I’d be very interested to see how viscous they are on the hardest difficulty. Expect to be swarmed, flanked and entirely flustered under the mounting pressure. Robots come with a few designs, there easy to get familiarized with yet when a bunch lands on the scene the offense consistently diversifies.

As for the boss battle I encountered; that was a tight duel, which glued my concentration to the screen. It placed me in “the zone”. Embyro who’s the gigantic heap of scrap I’m referring too; boasts a weapons arsenal that forced me to adapt to it’s pacing. Being able to switch gear instantly is a favorable trait to have when participating and comes naturally thanks to the games learning curve.


Visually AAC pleases the eye; graphics are represented with polish and emanate a particular charm especially with the character models. I personally can imagine these androids making good toy merchandise one day. Music wise the tunes are solid that helps fuel the adrenaline rush and does the job by also selling the spaceship theme and atmosphere. Overall the presentation blends together nicely and no negative points are present based on this critics opinion.

AAC’s campaign has 25 polished stages categorized within 5 sections of the ship, a couple additional game modes and up to four player local coop. The lack of Internet coop might deter certain gamers; I assure you that it should not be a hindrance to any person trying AAC for himself or herself. Online multiplayer would idealistically suite a potential sequel or expansion pack.

Bad points I’ve noted are a reoccurring bug that traps your character to the wall without any possible action that can break away. Restarting the level is your only option when that transpires. I presume that’s already planned to be patched up before release. Using a gamepad matches the game perfectly and obviously is strongly recommended, the keyboard could cause problems from clicking over the screen thanks to human error and controls don’t feel fluent at all. I found myself clicking out of the game multiple times when trying the keyboard, which consequently kept triggering interferences.


My closing comments

Witch Beam no doubt created a fresh experience that tingles the brain and sharpens the senses. I love how the old gameplay layout has undergone a modern overhaul that throws new exciting factors into the equation. What initially comes as comfortingly familiar suddenly makes you aware that you’re enjoying a whole new breed of animal. As a critic I’ve previously bought supposed blockbusters that were purchased at high cost to only get a nasty sensation down to the game simply wasn’t any fun. This on the other hand is enjoyable, brings a old flare back to playing video games and a gem to preview on behalf of this website. I can’t see why this shouldn’t make it to being made available on Steam when during the summer months. If the worst-case scenario did happen I strongly believe that Witch Beam are onto something big and going in the right direction.

Soon I am intending to create myself a Steam account, when I do AAC genuinely is one of the first titles that I’ll be looking to purchase.

To show your support please go to the following link http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=134153777




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