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Xbox One Reveal Highlights

Xbox One Reveal Highlights

Today, Microsoft unveiled the next-generation Xbox, the Xbox One.

What we saw the most use of is the packed-in, completely redesigned Kinect. The Kinect evolved from being a gimmick to help compete with Nintendo to a mode of input that is just as important as the controller itself. Xbox One turns on through the Kinect with the sound of your voice. The menu has also completely evolved to integrate these voice commands. You can operate apps with your voice, open your game, and even navigate to live television. A picture-in-picture-type feature, called “Snap Mode”, allows you to, say, Skype and browse the internet at the same time. Live television becomes integrated with Xbox, using the Kinect “2.0” to change channels, using Xbox Live to track what you watch and recommend favorites, and keep track of your favorite shows.

The new Xbox is supposedly a powerhouse, using 5 billion transistors and 8 GB of RAM, all while maintaining virtual silence.

Xbox Live has been powered up as well. It now runs on 300,000 servers, compared to the 15,000 that were available during the Xbox 360’s run. Most everything will run on cloud storage, so hopefully, that server power performs as promised.

Of course, all of this is fantastic in theory, so we’ll wait and see how well they work in the real world.

More features were also unveiled, including a partnership with the National Football League, which will allegedly enable exclusive content. Teaming up with EA Sports revealed “True Motion,” which is to make the sports game experience just as mental as the real deal. The new entry in the franchise, Call of Duty: Ghosts, revealed the Xbox One’s graphic ability, showing detail in human skin down to the most minute imperfections. And, in a pretty much irrelevant unveiling, Steven Spielberg will be working on a Halo television series.

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