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Sonic Lives On?

Sonic Lives On?

Sega’s greatest gift: Sonic. He’s been a household name in gaming for decades, but that’s begun to slow down in recent years.

A May Nintendo Direct broadcast revealed that Nintendo and Sega are teaming up for yet another entry into the Sonic saga, this one being exclusive to the Wii U and 3DS. This partnership is worldwide and will probably persist until Sonic ceases to fill Nintendo’s pockets. The new game is titled Sonic Lost World.

It’s well -known that one of the first video game industry wars was between Nintendo and Sega, with Sega losing out financially and not manufacturing much hardware-wise since. I can’t help but get the feeling that Nintendo is waving Sega’s beloved mascot and best earner around like a sort of victory flag, especially since it feels that not much effort has been put into recent Sonic games- they really felt like cheap cash-ins.

There also seems to be a trend to video game mascots, the most prominent being Sony’s Crash Bandicoot. Created solely for the purpose of being Sony’s Mario, Crash was once a prominent figure in the industry. Known for his platforming games and, eventually, his racing games and that one party game (Does that formula seem familiar..?) he became the ultimate part of the PlayStation owner’s library. Eventually, Crash’s popularity climaxed. After Sony lost the rights to the character, Crash went multiplatform with a few mediocre titles, such as Crash Twinsanity. Crash was buried with 2008’s Mind Over Mutant. There are currently no plans for future Crash games.

Perhaps Sonic is following in his counterpart’s footsteps. The last major critical success of a Sonic game was Sonic Adventure 2‘s GameCube version. Since then, he’s had several critical failures across many platforms and an ongoing sports crossover with Nintendo’s Mario. After a period of mediocre games, perhaps this once-great franchise can finally be laid to rest.

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