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GeoGuessr is an Awesome, Challenging Streetview Game

GeoGuessr is an Awesome, Challenging Streetview Game

I’m on a road somewhere. Looking around, I notice a few palm trees in the forest surrounding the road. It seems to be about eight in the morning, and there’s a yellow car just ahead of me. On my left it looks like there could be a lake, and on my right there’s a house. I shrug and head forwards- there’s not much information to reap. The signs are kind of fuzzy, and as I keep heading forwards I notice a couple on the side of the road, jogging. Eventually I make it to a sign- something about Great Lakes. Am I in.. Canada? I notice that the car ahead of me is on the left side of the road- this is the first time I wound up outside of the United States.

I keep moving. There’s another sign that I can see clearly- it mentions the Government of Australia and how a road project cost a couple million dollars- Australia. Now, to figure out what the town is… I continue moving. The car ahead of me heads down an intersection. My traveling companion has left me. Chasing it changes the sky- it’s a different day now. There’s another sign- it’s fuzzy, and I move towards it for  a better look. “Toymakers…” I can barely make out what it says, so I zoom in. “Sugarcreek Orchard”. At this point, I probably have enough information to just Google it, but where’s the fun in that? I keep moving. I’m passing through a field and can almost feel the morning sun; this place feels like an odd hybrid of the African Savannah and my verdant hometown in New England. The road is so very long, and there haven’t been any new clues for a while. I almost feel like giving in to Google and- wait- is that car lugging a boat? That it is. So I’m definitely near a lake. There’s a sign, a white sign- Bungwahl. I saw that name earlier, maybe it’s the town I’m in? I couldn’t tell you.

I’m still going forwards. There’s a fellow carrying a plastic bag full of… Groceries? Maybe. There’s a few houses in this place, and among the plants I spot another sign… Zooming in, I can read it. “Ede’s Real Estate”. Most of the words are unreadable, but it’s clear what it’s for. I have enough information to Google and yet I’m driven to continue driving by some strange urge to affirm my own sense of direction.

At long last, I’ve reached my limit. The Bungwahl General Store. Seeing as I still have no idea where in Australia I actually am, I resort to Google. It’s apparently in New South Wales, it’s North of Sydney, North of Newcastle… I’m going back to the page and placing my bet on a little area next to Myall Lakes National Park. It’s off by about 28 KM, but it’s good for 4743 points. Nice.

GeoGuessr is a neat web-based game that challenges you to figure out where in the world you are. It’s like Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego, but backwards, and you have no idea where you’re going next. You can cheat a little, or you can earnestly try and ffigure out where you’re supposed to be going. Your choice. The game itself uses Google’s Streetview to drop you in a random location on Earth, and in the upper right-hand corner there’s a map. When you think you know where you are, zoom in on the area and double click to give your guess. You earn more points for figuring out where you are. It’s a neat little game that you can play for free at GeoGuessr.com– it’ll keep you on your toes, and lead to such soul-searching thoughts as “Am I meant to be a secret agent?” and “Google’s face-blurring algorithm needs work“.

I stumbled across this one thanks to XKCD. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to figure out if I’m in France or Argentina. On another note, this game could work pretty well on the Wii U.

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