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Deadpool Game Coming This June

Deadpool Game Coming This June

Next month High Moon Studios & Activision are going unleash a contagious personality onto the masses that will take the full video game spotlight. Deadpool aka Wade Wilson….aka “The Merc with a Mouth” is going to warp plenty of minds when Playstation 3, PC and Xbox 360 gamers get dragged into his demented world through the fourth wall.

As a character Deadpool has to be the craziest son of a gun ever created in the Marvel Universe and most likely in comic book history altogether. Nothing quite spells about wacky than a mutant that can regenerate health, listens to voices in his head, is obsessed with women & money and lastly goes around dual wielding weapons whilst severing peoples funny bones with his puns!

Under his abrupt homocidal tendances lies a lovable anti-hero and an absolutely hilarious character that has truly came along way since his inception back in the 1990s. When you read about what inspired High Moon Studios to make the game there remark implied Deadpool himself busted into the building, demanded a game and claimed that writer Daniel Way had to be involved on the project. These rumours are sketchy however writer Daniel Way has been confirmed, perhaps Deadpool did get what he wanted!

The game is a third person action experience that blends in Deadpool’s trademark melee & firearms which includes a combo system. Deadpool naturally will break down the forth wall to interact with the player based on their performances and progression. A stealth system is in play to live up to the ways of assasination. His ability to regenerate health smoothly falls into the game mechanics, and so does his love for violence because decapitation & dismemberment are also featured. It won’t be just Deadpool who removes limbs, enemies can take away his arms and legs which puts you into an interesting predicament. You must choose to either reattach the limbs you’ve lost or wait for them to grow back. Did I mention this game is crazy?!

For anyone who has read the comics or experience Deadpool in previous video games such as Marvel vs Capcom 3, you know to expect over the top humour. Only in this game Deadpool isn’t obliged to shut up, must be his idea of heaven being paid to yap yap yap!

Story wise this game is set with Deadpool taking a mission to assassinate a corrupt media official called Mister Sinister, who runs a television channel that airs programs such as “Jump the Shark”, wherecelebrities must hurl themselves literally over a shark tank to survive. Mister Sininster has a more … sinister plot as he plans to expand his own personal army utilising mutant DNA to achieve his …sinister goals.

As for the demo the game has already received positive feedback including the “Best of Show” award at Gamescom 2012. Everything about the game from how it’s developed to the way it has been marketed stays true to the Deadpool character. Daniel Way is the writer, Nolan North has reprised his role as the voice actor and Deadpool apparently contributed to the project himself.

This release does impact the characters future momentum especially with the Deadpool film scheduled to be out in cinemas next year. Deadpool demanded an awesome video game, and he’s demanded an awesome film. The reason why? Deadpool is awesome. I am awesome! I am more awesome than the Avengers! More awesome than Spiderman and definitely more Awesome than Wolverine people! Wait I didn’t kill the guy and started writing in his place!…….. hey Blackmannrobin.com I kinda broke your new writer LOL! BUY MY GAME!!!




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