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Wii U to be supported by Cry Engine 3

Wii U to be supported by Cry Engine 3

The Wii U has been heavily pelted with doubt since the hardware was released November last year. A subject that has brought contraversial views that not only predict the systems future but all upcoming home entertainment consoles. EA recently stated that they would not be providing games for the Wii U format based on performance tests with their Frostbite 3 engine and the restrictions that go along with contributing to the Nintendo game library.

Precursor games have emerged into the light with comments hailing the Wii Us performance in handling the Cry Engine 3. Nintendo’s next generation machine has come under much criticism that even include remarks that it meets current generation standards. The Cry Engine 3 running very smoothly on Wii U is a weighty blow to altering peoples perceptions, it begs the question why other developers are having such difficulty in accomodating the Wii U at all.

Cryteks game engine can help turn the tide on Nintendos fortune and open up more opportunities for Wii U owners to enjoy.

Nintendo still have a major job ahead of them in generating sales, last month the Wii U didn’t sell great and was outsold by the original Wii console. What this news indicates with Cry Engine 3 is that the Wii U has future potential that many other critics have chosen to disregard. How many years ahead graphically may be an entirely different topic but with the innovative gamepad this consoles selling point may stand the test of time.


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