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TV News: The First Episode of The Cipher Effect is Now Live- It’s Worth Watching

TV News: The First Episode of The Cipher Effect is Now Live- It’s Worth Watching

I’ve always had a love for time travel. Back to the FutureDoctor Who, Primer (which I hope to completely understand one day), time travel makes for wonderfully fascinating fiction. Is there any room for something new? There should be just enough for The Cipher Effect. The first episode just went up on Youtube, and according to it’s description it’s a “sci-fi web series with wormholes, time travel, serial killers, beings outside space and time, secret organizations and the end of the world!” Quite a mouthful. Having seen the first episode, I can honestly say that I think the rest will be worth watching. We’ve embedded it below for your viewing pleasure.

I do think that some aspects of the show are in need of help (dialogue sounded a little… Square at times), and I felt that the presentation itself was a little cliched. I was reminded a bit of the aforementioned Doctor Who– the protagonist reminds me of the Doctor, albeit a young, inexperienced one who has not seen a millennium of destruction. Besides the slightly hackneyed introduction, however, I really do like the character and feel of the show itself, and I feel that it has great potential. I’m hoping to get to know the protagonists a bit better- and I hope that the time traveler himself doesn’t turn out to be too insane- as much as I love Doc Brown’s antics and the Doctor’s generally wonderful madness, I don’t think that mad bumbling genius should be a prerequisite for all time travelers. On the other hand, I don’t want a cold, hard grimdark character. Also, that’s a TVTropes link. I feel like I should’ve warned you first. Oh well. The show seems aimed in a slightly more realistic and serious direction, rather like Primer– I appreciate that, and I hope it doesn’t try too hard to be “edgy” or “hard”.

What I’m babbling on about is that I don’t want the series to be good. It doesn’t need to be loony or gritty or confusing, it just needs good storylines, characters who don’t suck and it needs to be, in some capacity, fulfilling. Pointing once more to Doctor Who, why is that show so successful? It sometimes falls victim to various cliches, it’s very campy, and the special effects? Um, let’s pretend I didn’t just go there. What the show has going for it, though, it that it goes through the full spectrum of human emotion- you may feel angry or overjoyed or kind of sad while watching an episode- it doesn’t have one tone or feeling but many- that’s what keeps it from being flat. Add to that storylines and characters with substance and the show is one worth watching. I’m seriously hoping that The Cipher Effect is successful in that regard.

Visually speaking, I’m impressed by the look of the series- besides the fact that it’s shot in 4K (if you get one of those fancy newfangled televisions, you’ll have something to watch on it that actually takes advantage of the hardware), I like the cinematography a lot. The aesthetic is great as well, it feels clean and simple without being cold and sterile. The special effects are about on par with Doctor Who (those used by the BBC for the Tenth- better than the Ninth but not quite on par with those of the Eleventh), and while it is obvious that the series is “indie”, it still looks professional.

All in all, I can’t wait to see where it goes. Want to keep tabs on the series? Check out the official site here, and stick with us for further coverage.

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